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New! Rilakkuma Pandas, Cats, Tigers, & Terrariums!

Come by the shop this weekend and check out all of our new Rilakkuma items! These are also available on our online shop now! 

New Rilakkuma Honey Forest Terrarium Blind Boxes have arrived at JapanLA! These are rare and imported from Japan. They feature Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, & Kogumachan in a terrarium you put together yourself. Try to collect all 6 of these super cute figures, $13 each.

New Rilakkuma Plush at JapanLA! Rilakkuma looks so cute dressed up as a tiger! Rilakkuma Laying Tiger $28, Rilakkuma Eating Fish $28, Korilakkuma Tiger $24. Available online and in-store now!

New Rilakkuma Cat Collection! These are a really nice medium-sized plush and range in size from 11"-13.5".  Korilakkuma Playing w/ Cat $28, Rilakkuma Playing w/ Cat $28, Rilakkuma Cat Standing Plush $27, Korilakkuma Cat Standing Plush $27, Korilakkuma Cat Laying Plush $26.

 These Rilakkuma Cat Head Plush are super soft and make great pillows! Korilakkuma Tiger & Rilakkuma Tiger, $32 each & Rilakkuma Calico Head Plush, $32. These measure 15" across.

Create your very own Rilakkuma Panda forest with these super cute plush! Kiiroitori Panda Holding Apple $18, Rilakkuma Panda Sleeping $26, Korilakkuma Panda Saying Hi $26, Korilakkuma Panda Laying Down $26, Rilakkuma Panda w/ Kiiroitori $26.

Use these super cute Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma Face Shoulder Bags as an overnight bag or a big everyday purse, $42 each.

Store your belongings in a cute Rilakkuma Laying Down Pouch, $18 each.

These super cute Rilakkuma Face Pencil Pouches are great for storing your pens, pencils and other small treasures, $18 each.

Keep your cash and cards safe in a Rilakkuma Long Face Wallet, $30 each.

 We restocked a lot of other cute San-X items too! Check them out in store this weekend or online at!

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