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NEW iBloom Squishies from Japan and Squishy Restock!

January 21, 2019

These NEW Jumbo Strawberry Princess Shortcake Squishies smell so good and are so fun to squish! Extra slow rise and soft. Available in strawberry-scented Rainbow Slice and chocolate-covered-strawberry scented Pink Slice, $36 each. Imported from Japan.

This Jumbo Sacher Torte Chocolate Cake squishy looks so realistic! Scented just like chocolate cake, $36.

These Mini Cheesecake Squishies are the perfect hand sized squishy! The mini rainbow cake smells like strawberry and the brown cake smells like classic cheesecake, $16 each.

These Jumbo Cheesecake Squishies are back in stock! These are so big and fun to squish, $32 each.

We also restocked the popular Jumbo Peach Squishies! Available in Pink and Yellow, $22 each.

These Jumbo Pain du Matin Loaf of Bread Squishies are back are so fun to squish! Available in strawberry scented pink loaf and bread scented brown loaf, $29 each. Comes with cute peach packaging (not shown).

De-stress by squishing a soft Cloud Bear Squishy! Available in marshmallow-scented Rainbow Cloud Bear and strawberry-scented Pink Cloud Bear, $29 each.

These new Hello Kitty Sprinkle Heart Donut Keychain Squishies will look so cute attached to your bag or keys, $10 each. Perfect for Valentine's Day coming up.

Gudetama Squishy Eggs are back! These always sell out super fast, so hurry and order yours before they are gone, $10.

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