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Kawaii Hello Kitty Toy Sets are here!

September 29, 2016

New Hello Kitty Toy Sets are so cute and great for kids and the kid inside of all of us. All of these sets are available in store or you call/email us to order.

💄👑  Dress Up Set, comes with mirror, comb, brush and pretend makeup, $13.75. Crown Set comes with tiara, necklace and clip on earrings, $14.75. 

Yum! Whether it is breakfast or tea time, Hello Kitty has sweet treats for you. Tea Set, $12.50; Breakfast Set, $13.

Build these super cute Sanrio play sets! They look super cute on your your desk as decoration or great for kids to play with. Supermarket, $12.75; My Home, $13.25; Playground, $13.50.

Ain't no party like a Hello Kitty tea party! 💕🍰  This Tea Set comes with twenty pieces of super cute fun, $34.

Start your morning with a cute piece of Hello Kitty Toast! This play set comes with two slices of toast, a bottle of jam, a plate, two knives, and a toaster, $32.

Check out the toaster in action! 🍞

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Play a fun game of Paddle Ball with Hello Kitty and a friend! Comes with two paddles and a plastic ball, $9.25.

STRIKE! Knock down all the pins with this cute Hello Kitty Bowling Set, $16.50.

 Great for all ages! 

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