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New Kawaii Plushies & Gashapon Capsules from Japan!

December 29, 2021

Shop lots of super cute new arrivals now on! 

Be spooky and cute all year long! This Cinnamoroll Yurukawa Pumpkin Plush is so soft and huggable, $40. 

These Sanrio Characters Mochi Relaxing Plush Straps are so soft and squishable! Filled with mochi-like material making them extra fun to squish, $24 each.

We love the rose-swirl fur on this Pompompurin Fluffy Rosebore Big Plush! He is the perfect size for cuddling with or sitting on your desk, $40.

These Sanrio Cotton Candy Yurukawa Mascot Plush Straps are so fuzzy and cute! Attach them to your bag with the attached elastic strap, $14 each.

These Badtz Maru and Cinnamoroll Cotton Candy Yurukawa Plush are so soft and huggable, $35 each.

Lots of super cute new Gashapon Capsules from Japan have just arrived! These small surprise figures are so fun to collect. Display them on your shelf or desk at home or at work. 

These little Sanrio Series 7 Hugcot Figures can attach to your phone charging cables as a fun accessory! Single Surprise Figure $6 each, or get the Full Set of 6 for $36.

Kirby looks so cute dressed up in this Muteki Suteki Series 2 Closet Capsule Series! These figures are so fun to build and display. Single Surprise Figure $9, or get the Full Set of 4 for $36. 

Theese Kobitozukan Dwarf Sitting Mascot Figures are from a popular book series in Japan! Kobito means dwarf, and zukan is encyclopedia. There are over 40 different creepy cute dwarfs in the encyclopedia that Kobito hunters can search for in nature. Surprise Single Kobitozukan Figure, $8 each, or get the Full Set of 6 for $48.

These Mugyukyun Jelly Bears are so fun to stretch and squish! It's a surprise which one you will get, try to collect all 7 designs, $6 each.

Use these cute Pokemon Gemlies Vol 3 Cases to store your rings, necklaces, and other small treasures. Single Surprise Capsule $9, Full Set of 5, $45.

This Mugyuttori Ball Chain Capsule Series features birds each hugging a different loaf of bread! It's a surprise which one you will get, try to collect all 8 designs including the secret one, $8 each.

Tune into our Viewer's Choice Popshop Live Show today at 2pm PST where we will be selling these new capsules and anything else you want to see in the store!

To tune in to the show, download the Popshop Live App on your phone, use the code KAWAII to find the JapanLA channel and tune in during our live stream time. You can also watch the show on your computer using the Popshop Live Desktop Link:  

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