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New Blind Boxes!! Summiko Gurashi! Rilakkuma! Pokemon! Sonny Angels!

July 14, 2017

We are obsessed with Blind Box Figures! All of these styles are available in-store & online!

This NEW Sonny Angel Sky Series features our favorite Sonny Angel dressed as different types of weather! Try to collect all 6 different styles and the secret figure too, $10 each.

NEW Sumikko Gurashi Blind Boxes, and they are all food-themed! Sumikko Gurashi Patisserie Re-ment Miniature Sets $11, Sumikko Gurashi Homemade Sweets $10, Sumikko Gurashi Snacks figures $10.


Rilakkuma loves playing in the Honey Forest with Kogumachan! Try to collect all 8 of these Rilakkuma Kogumachan Blind Box figures including the secret one, $10.

Open your own kawaii Rilakkuma Diner with these special Rilakkuma Diner Re-Ment Blind Box sets! It's a surprise which one you'll get, try to collect all 8 yummy miniature food sets, $12. Full Set is available for $96 and you will get a complete set, no duplicates. 

Pika Pika! These Pokemon Cafe Blind Box miniature food sets look so yummy and cute! Try to collect all 8 different sets and build your own mini Pokemon Cafe, $11. These are official Re-Ment Sets. If you order a "full box set," you get a complete set with all the foods, $88.


We have so much cute stuff in-store. Stop by JapanLA this weekend! The Studio Ghilbi Pop-Up Shop is still going on through July 24th! 

Check out our Instagram and Instagram Stories where we post cute NEW things everyday!  

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