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New Studio Ghibli Plush, Pusheen, and 100% Soft!!

August 01, 2018

So much cuteness has arrived!! 

This New Ponyo plush is a super cute gift for any Studio Ghibli fan, Ponyo Plush $30, Ponyo Zip Along Plush $18. Official Ghilbi item, super soft and high quality. 

We just restocked some of our Studio Ghibli plushie favorites! Yakul Standing Plush $30, Yakul Laying Down Bean Bag Plush $18, Totoro Small White Fluffy Plush $14, Jiji Small Bean Bag Plush $16.

We just restocked a very limited amount of these Official Plush Totoro Backpacks! Hurry and order yours before it sells out, $90. 

The mighty Pusheenosaurus looks extra ferocious on these new Pusheen items! Pusheenosaurus Plush Coin Purse $17, New Pusheenosaurus Sitting Up Plush $13, Pusheenosaurus Poof Keychain $11.

These New Pusheen and Stormy Plush are so soft and cute! Stormicorn Plush $21, Pusheen Sprinkle Cupcake Plush $26.

Show your love for Pusheen with these new plush keychains! Mermaid Pusheen & Seahorse Keychain $19, Pusheen and Stormy Keychain $13.

Pusheen's little sister, Stormy is back and cuter than ever! Stormy Plush $21, Stormy Backpack Clip $11, Stormy Small Plush $11.

Pusheen is already getting ready for the upcoming holidays! Pusheen Candy Cane Plush $26, Pusheen Small Snowman Plush $13, Pusheen Small Mummy Plush $13. Shop holiday items early because they always sell out! 

We restocked lots of other cute Pusheen items! Check them out in store or shop them in our Pusheen section online!

New dad hats by 100% Soft are the ultimate kawaii summer accessory! Space Taco, Sriracha Friend, Donut Galaxy, Kawaii, $24 each. 

Take these super cute plush food keychains to go! Each one comes with a removable ball chain keychain. Choose Ramen, Sriracha Friend, Pizza, or Hambone, $6 each.

We restocked on all of your favorite 100% Soft Sticker Patches! Burger, Jelly Donut Galaxy, Kawaii, Ramen, and Pizza,  $5 each.

Up your pin game with these super cute 100% Soft enamel pins! Sriracha Friend, Burger Luv, Sushi Luv, Lil Cholula, Kawaii,  Donut Galaxy, Pizza Forever, Unicorn Ghost,  Admiral Whiskers, and Coffee Luv, $8 each.

Don't forget to watch our Live Video on Instagram this Thursday at 12 PM PST to see even more cute new stuff at JapanLA and ask us questions! 

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