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Kawaii NEW Blind Boxes! Gudetama! Pokemon! Sailor Moon!

NEW blind boxes from Japan have arrived!!

Mini Gudetama Putitto Blind Box figures can hang off of the edge of your cup and are great for taking photos with your food. Try to collect all 6 different Gudetama dressed as your favorite Sanrio Characters, only $4 each!

Pika Pika! Hang Pikachu off of your cup too with these Pikachu Putitto Blind Box figures! Try to collect all 6 different poses, $5 each.

These Sailor Moon Transformation Charm Blind Box keychain charms are so magical! It's a surprise which one you get, try to collect all 6 different styles, $5 each.

Moon Prism Power Make up! Collect all 6 of these Sailor Moon Compact Mirrors, $5 each.

NEW tokidoki Sushi Cars are now available in store & online!! These cute blind box figures feature all of your favorite tokidoki friends driving around in kawaii sushi cars. Try to collect all 10 different styles, $8 each.

We restocked Unicorno Frenzies Series 2! Hang them off of your bag or phone or use the charm to clip them on your zippers and things, $5.95 each.

We also restocked the Donutella and Friends Blind Boxes, $7.95 each.

Tag us with your unboxing videos on your Instagram or Instagram Stories with your new Blind Box figures and JapanLA hauls! 

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