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Kawaii New Arrivals! Pokemon! Samezu! Blind Boxes!

February 27, 2020

We just got in a bunch of super cute new things at JapanLA!

Listen to your favorite tunes with these super cute Pikachu Headphones, $32.

Light up your bedroom with this super cute Pikachu Room Light, $32.

These Samezu Nom Nom Plush are so happy to be chowing down on their favorite foods! Available in Jaggy & Yummy, Tiger & Pizza, and Jaggy & Riceball, $14 each.

Take one of these super cute Round Samezu Plush Keychains with you everywhere you go! They will look cute attached to your keys or bag, $10 each. 

Megalo is a Megalodon shark and the ruler of the ancient seas, it's kind of a big deal. This big Megalo Plush is the perfect size for hugging, $30.

We just got in so many cute new Blind Boxes!  

This Kawaii Kawauso Otter Blind Box Series has the cutest otter figures! Each one comes with a silver ball chain keychain so you can attach them to your keys or bag, $7 each.

The kitties in this Cat in Bed Blind Box series look so cute tucked into their little beds! Try to collect all 5 different figures, $6.

These new Light Up Mushroom Blind Boxes have realistic looking mushrooms inside that light up! Try to collect all 8 mushrooms, $10 each.

Onigiring Riceball Blind Boxes come with a Riceball shaped ring box with a surprise riceball themed filling ring inside, $8.

New Kirby Cat Caps will look so cute on your cat or small dog! Try to collect all 5 different hats, $9 each. 


We also got new Flower Cat Caps! We love this new theme for Spring! There are 5 different flowers to collect, $8 each.


These cute Pokemon Figure Clip Gashapon are from the capsule machines in Japan! Use these cute clips to keep your open snacks closed and fresh or clip them onto your important papers, $7 each.

Try to collect all 5 of these cute Kirby Pupupu Friends Gashapon Figures, $7 each.

LA friends! Don't forget tomorrow is the Dumpster Fire Launch Party by 100% Soft at our JapanLA Little Tokyo location! Stop by to get your own kawaii Dumpster Fire Figure and meet Truck Torrence, the artist behind 100% Soft. More info about the party on our Facebook Events Page!

Follow us on Instagram @japanla and our Little Tokyo location @japanlalittletokyo to see lots of cute new things as they come in!

We have a Tiktok now! Follow us on Tiktok for super fun and cute videos from the JapanLA store! 

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