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Holiday Weekend Events and Kawaii Holiday Gifts!

December 13, 2019

New super cute items keeping coming in for the Holidays!  

F is for friends who do stuff together! These cute Spongebob & Patrick Mini Backpacks are a great gift for you and your best friend. Available in Spongebob and Patrick, $79 each.

This new Jigglypuff Backpack and matching card holder are a super cute gift for any Jigglypuff fan! Backpack $79, Card Holder $22.

Pokemon Lanyards are back in stock! Available in Umbreon and Sylveon, $10 each.

These Eeveelution Plush are so soft and cute! These plush are from the Pokemon All Star collection from Japan. Glaceon $31, Sylveon $31, Leafeon $31, Umbreon $31, Eevee $27, Vaporeon $31.

We also have some other cute Pokemon plush from the Pokemon All Star collection! Ditto, Meowth, Bulbasaur, Litwick, $26 each.

These Ditto & Mimikyo Large Plush are the perfect size for hugging, $18 each.

This Fuzzy MokoMoko Meowth Plush is so soft and cute! Purrfect for cuddling with, $30.

These Kirby Cable Bites will keep the ends of your cables cute and safe from bending and breaking. Great as stocking stuffers or small white elephant gifts, $10 each.

These Super Mario All Star Plush from Japan are great gifts for any Nintendo fans! Princess Peach Plush $24, Mario Plush $20, Luigi Plush $20, Tanooki Mario Plush $22.

Have your own Yoshi Island with these super cute Yoshi Plush! Available in Blue, Green, and Pink, $18 each.

These Kirby Plush are so soft and cute! Available in Cutter, Parasol, and Fighter, $20 each.

Stop by the Kawaii Artist Pop Up Shops at JapanLA Little Tokyo this weekend! On Saturday 12/14, we will have a Em & Sprout mini Pop Up Shop, featuring her cute holiday berets, pins, and more!

We also have a special Paul Frank Holiday Workshop, 12/14 at 2pm. This one needs tickets and can be purchased here: (only 23 tickets available total).

On Sunday 12/15, 2pm-6pm, Miss Kika is having a meet and greet and signing and launching her new holiday art print! More info on our Facebook Events Page!

Follow us on Instagram @japanla and our Little Tokyo store @japanlalittletokyo to see new items as they come in!

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