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Kawaii Easter Gifts! Sonny Angel! Gudetama!

April 05, 2017

We have lots of kawaii Easter Gifts at JapanLA!

Our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama, is an eggcelent addition to any Easter basket! All of these Gudetama items are available in store or you can call or email us and we can create a special order for you.

Just like an easter egg, it's a surprise what you will get inside! Try to collect all 8 styles of these Gudetama Blind Box Plush, $11.50 each.

Gudetama's whole family is in the Easter Spirit with their cute colored egg shells! Store your easter cards and small goodies in this Gudetama File Envelope, $3.50.

Decorate your easter cards and baskets with this cute Giant Gudetama Sticker Sheet, $11.

Fill your Easter eggs with these cute Gudetama Binder Clips, $9.50.

Give them their favorite food with a Gudetama Food Sliding Keychain, $8 each.

Give these super cute Gudetama Boxers to someone special this Easter! Available in Men's Medium or Large, (they are Japanese sizing so order a size up for US sizes!). Cute for girls to wear too! Available in black & camo, NOW 20% Off! $18.40 each.

These Sonny Angel Easter Blind Box are the ultimate Easter surprise! Try to collect all 4 cute styles and the secret one, $10 each.

Come visit us in store for more cute Easter gifts and ideas!  

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