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Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

December 19, 2023

The holidays are here and it's time to sleigh your look!! Whether you're attending a holiday party or having a small gathering with loved ones, you deserve to feel fabulous and treat yourself than with some kawaii Beauty Accessories!

Sanrio Spinning Cosmetics Holders can be spun around for easy access on your desk or vanity. It includes plenty of compartments to hold all of your favorite makeup tools, $28.
Organize your small essentials with this charming Sanrio Grid Case with Mirror! Its practical and useful design keeps everything in its place, so you never have to rummage through your bag for a lost lipstick again! Cuteness and practicality, all in one, $22
The Sanrio Retro Room Mirror will give your room a cute classic look! The mirror has a swivel on the sides so you can easily adjust the angles. Be sure to add this kawaii mirror to your bathroom or Sanrio-themed vanity, $29

The Sanrio Mirror Keychains are styled after 5 lovable Sanrio characters over a super-stylish reflective mirror background! Make your keychain even cuter and use these little mirrors for your daily touchups, $8


These adorable Sanrio Face Spa Head Bands are perfect for your next self-care day! They are super soft and stretchy, making them easy and comfortable to wear while doing your skin care routine. Bring one along on your next spa day and stay stylish with Sanrio, $16.

Pin back your bangs with this cute Sanrio Friends Bangs Clip Set! Great for getting ready in the morning! These large die-cut clips feature some of our favorite Sanrio  characters with their best friend, $14  
Your hair will look sooooo cute with these Sanrio Sakura Ponytail Holders! Each one is decorated with a plush heart and character, making them super comfy to wear. Style your hair with Hello Kitty and Friends, $6
Store your makeup, skincare, and more in the cutest way imaginable with the Sanrio Besties Stacking Drawers and Chests. Get organized in style with your favorite Sanrio characters!  3-Tier Stacking Drawers $35 each, Stacking Chest $26 each.
The Sanrio Wet Wipes Cases can fit all of your wet wipes for your bathroom or makeup desk! It comes with a character-themed lid that opens up to dispense your wipes, and is easily refillable for when you need more. Be sure to add this cute and practical Sanrio case to your home, $15
Achieve your dreams of soft and smooth hands with this Little Twin Stars Moisturizing Hand Crème Duo! Each set comes with two scents: Kiki's  Mint Crème Skies and Lala's Strawberry Pudding, $20.
Make your nails shine like stars with this Little Twin Stars Easy Shape Nail File Set! Each set comes with five different designs themed around the super cute Sanrio twins. These nail files are double sided for long-lasting use and made with extra fine grit for easy filing!

Stay organized and bring all of your makeup essentials with you everywhere using the Sanrio Double Pocket Zipper Pen Pouch! This pouch is made of a printed smooth faux leather material. Has 2 large pockets inside perfect for your eyeliner, lippies, and mascara and a slim pocket in the middle great for foundation and powders, $24.

These Sanrio Characters Plaid Drawstring Pouches are super portable and super cute! You can fit all of your favorite beauty accessories into these plaid-patterned pouches! We love the little tag of each characters friend on the side of each pouch, $19.
Super cute meets stylish and sleek with these Sanrio Characters Clear Mini Pouches! Each one has three adorable faces of your favorite Sanrio bestie printed over a clear case. These colorful pouches are perfect for taking your makeup supplies on the go, $11.

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