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Special 5th Anniversary Sumikko Gurashi Items!!

November 06, 2017

Celebrate Summiko Gurashi's 5th Anniversary with these new special plush! Sumikko Gurashi in Japanese means "Life in the Corner." These characters are a bunch of misfits and feel most secure and calm when sitting in corners and often on top of each other. They each have a super cute and detailed backstory.


This Yama Mountain Cushion will look so cute sitting up on your bed or sofa! The back of the cushion has all of our favorite characters dressed up for their 5th Anniversary, $40.

All of our favorite Sumikko Gurashi are dressed up in cute outfits to celebrate their 5th Anniversary! Tokage Detective, Neko Sphinx, Penguin Sumo, Tonkatsu Skater, & Shirokuma Panda Plushies, $25 each.

We also have Sumikko Gurashi 5th Anniversary Plush Keychains, $16 each. They come with a clip to attach to your bag or belt loop.

Carry your things in these NEW Sumikko Gurashi Cross Body Bags! The back of each bag has a clear pocket that you can put your cell phone in or display your favorite pins & toys here. Penguin? Plush (Green), & Tokage Plush Crossbody Bag (Blue), $25 each.

We only have a few of these Sumikko Gurashi Plush Backpacks left! Hurry and get one before they are gone, Neko Plush Backpack (White) & Penguin Plush Backpack (Green), $32 each.

These Sumikko Gurashi Blind Box figures are so cute! Try to collect them all! Available in Homemade Sweets Re-ment, Sushi, & Snacks, $10 each.

This Sumikko Gurashi Mini Plush Blind Box Series 2 features all of the Sumikko Gurashi Minikko friends, $10 each. Some of our favorites are Hokori the dustball, and Zassou, the green decoration you find on your sushi plate! 

Get to know a little bit about each of the main Sumikko Gurashi characters!

Shirokuma is a Polar Bear who escaped the North because he doesn't like the cold. Penguin? has low self confidence and isn't sure if he is actually a penguin or not so he puts a question mark after his name. Tonkatsu is the fatty bit left over on the plate from a deep friend pork cutlet that no one wants to eat. Neko is a shy cat who sharpens her claws in the corner. Tokage is an aquatic dinosaur who pretends to be a lizard to avoid being captured.

Shop all of the Sumikko Gurashi items we have in store and online! Check out our Instagram and Instagram stories where we post cute new things everyday!

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