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Gudetama x Curry House & Cute Gudetama Stuff We Love!

November 01, 2017

We have a new Youtube Channel! We are going to be making videos of cute-related experiences! The first one is our visit to the Gudetama x Curry House themed-restaurant in West Los Angeles. We also show some special Gudetama items sold at JapanLA! 

You can shop the items in the video in-store at JapanLA, or by emailing us with the items you want to order and your shipping address, and we can create a special order and send them to you. Here are some of the Gudetama things we feature in the video! 

Gudetama Burger Plush, $30.75.


Gudetama Activity Book, $6.


Gudetama Putitto Blind Box, $5 each, (Edge-of-cup figures).


Gudetama Large Huggable Fuzzy 14" Plush, $52. Also available in a Medium-Sized 10" Plush for $22.


Gudetama Sweets Re-Ment Blindbox, $9 each.


Gudetama Stainless Steel Insulated Bento, $30.


Gudetama Sushi Canvas Tote, $22, (Comes with adjustable cross-body strap!).

Gudetama Toilet Paper, $2.50 each, (Yes! It has Gudetama printed on the actual toilet paper!)


Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get notified when we post new videos! We will be filming our trips to lots of cute places and events and sharing special videos of our favorite new items at JapanLA too!

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