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New Sanrio for the New Year!

January 06, 2016
Happy New Year! What do you aspire to be this year? Be like these Hello Kitty Occupation Plush and do whatever your heart desires. Choose between Hello Kitty as a Doctor, Flight Attendant or Painter. Available in store or call/email to order, $19.50 each.

Time to redecorate your office for the New Year? Hello Kitty can help! Hello Kitty Mini Trash Bin, $24; Pen Holder with Pens, $17; Mini Scissors, $5.50; Pen, $12.50; & Calculator, $24. Available in store or call/email to order.

Decorate your bathroom or vanity with all of this cute new My Melody stuff! My Melody Wire Bathroom Shelf, $30; My Melody Scrunchie, $7; Eyelash Curler, $9; False Eyelash Case, $8.50; Bath Sponge, $14;  Hand Mirror, $28; Soap Dispenser, $12.50; Wire Toothbrush Holder, $14; Mini Comb, $10.50; Compact Mirror, $15; Soap Dish, $12; Available in store or call/email to order.

We have so much cute Little Twin Stars stuff in store right now. New Sanrio Original Little Twin Stars 40th Anniversary Journal, $12; Little Twin Stars Stationary set, $9 (Made in Japan!); 3 Way Pen, $12.50. call/email to order also available in store

These Sanrio Original Plush Drawers are so cute and soft! Store your small treasures inside of them. Available in store or call/email to order, $17 each.

Need to take a New Years Nap? Use these sanrio folding desk pillows! Choose between Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, or Pom Pom Purin, $30 each. 

The pillows fold up so you can take a quick snooze! Available in store or call/email to order.

Who's your favorite Sanrio character? Choose your favorite iPhone 6 case featuring Cinnamoroll, Hangyodon, Badtz Maru, or Kuromi. Cinnamoroll case, $32; Other Sanrio Cases, $24 each. Available in store or call/email to order.

Hangyodon is good at acting the comedian but underneath he is actually a sensitive and lonely little guy who dreams of being a hero. Hangyodon Large Bag, $34; Small Bag, $17; Plush Pouch, $12.50; & Face Towel, $7.50. Available in store or call/email to order.

Badtz Maru is a mischievous little penguin who dreams of greatness. Choose from Badtz Maru Large Bag, $34, Small Bag, $17; 8" Plush, $20; Plush Pouch, $12.50; & Face Towel, $7.50. Available in store or call/email to order. 


Kuromi is My Melody’s friendly rival who loves making mischief and causing trouble! Choose from Kuromi Large Bag, $34; Small Bag, $17; or Plush Pouch, $12.50. Available in store or call/email to order.  

Start your 2016 right with these Choo Choo Cat Planners, Schedule Note, & Calendar! Available online & in store. Planners, $28; Schedule Note, $14; Calendar, $16.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram for more cute new things in store!

Happy New Year!

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