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JapanLA Peropero Sparkles Sweater & Lots of New Stuff in Stock this Week!

September 03, 2015

Hello Friends! 

This week we have gotten so much cute new stuff that we can't wait to share with you! 

This NEW Peropero Sparkles Knit Lurex Sweater is so sparkly & magical. Peropero Sparkles are a trio of glittery, starry-eyed creatures with pom-pom tipped tails. This Oversized, Drop Shoulder Knit Sweater features Silver Lurex knit throughout the sweater, giving it extra sparkle

This is a special collaboration with JapanLA & Yurie Sekiya, a Japanese artist from Japan. $130.
This week we restocked our Rilakkuma Pancakes Cardigan! It's our favorite relaxed bear, Rilakkuma, on this cute Knit Cardigan. It has a boxy, boyfriend fit and will keep you super warm and comfy! Looks great on men and women too! 
Officially licensed item from San-X and JapanLA Clothing Co. Available in store & online, $140.


Mokeke Plush have invaded JapanLA! These cute little aliens will soon become your new friends. There are so many different Plush to choose from & each have a different personality. Plush are available in store or you can call/email to order. 


These little Camera Pouch Mokeke are so adorable! Keep your camera safe and cute inside of their zipper pouches. They also have little clips attached to their heads so you can clip them onto your bag, $12.99.


These Mokeke Pencil Cases will be your new best friend! Place your pens & pencils in their zipper pouches and attach them to your bag or another Mokeke with their loop arms, $15.99.


These Mokeke Keychain friends are so special. Each one has a unique look and personality and there are so many to choose from! Come in store to check out all of the different styles we have, $9.99 each.

 These Stackable Mokeke friends are so cute! Stack them up on your bed or somewhere else as a cute decoration, $8.50.


These Mini Mokeke are just the cutest little aliens. Attach them to your cell phone or bag with their little straps attached to their heads. Lots of different styles available, check them out in store, $6.50.

Have an Alpacasso party with these NEW Sherbet Alpacas! Comes in a big size that you can cuddle with or a smaller size that you can attach to your bag and take with you everywhere. Available in store & online! Big Alpacas are $32 & Smaller Alpacas are $12.99.


We are so excited our favorite frog, Keroppi has arrived at JapanLA!

Keroppi lives with his brother, sister, and parents in a big house on the edge of Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond around. Keroppi's friends share his love of playing games, especially baseball and boomerangs. But most often he is seen with his little snail friend, Den Den, always tagging along and usually a little behind. 

Keroppi Small Plush, $16.50. Keroppi Cell Phone Pouch, $18. Keroppi Shoulder Purse, $20. Keroppi iPhone 6 case, $25. Keroppi Bow Tie Plush, $20. 

All of these cute Keroppi items are available in store or you can call/email to order.

These new Pom Pom Purin & My Melody Backpacks from Sanrio are too cute! Both backpacks have adorable ears, hands, & feet. They are both $39. Available in store or call/email to order! 


The Aiire Hologram Sneakers from YRU will make you float on air! They are super comfy & the holographic effect looks great in the sunlight. Runs 1/2 a size large.

We love the little alien details on the back. Available in store & online, $89.99.

Check out more new products, by checking out our Instagram or come visit us in person this Labor Day Weekend! We are open all weekend, including Labor Day, 11:30am - 7:30pm! 

See you soon! 



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