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Gloomy Bear Attack At JapanLA...

March 08, 2007
We just got in a lot of gloomy bear stuff! Large 16inch gloomies, sitting w/removable gloomy bear bandana, in grey/blk,pink, and curly gloomy in pink, black, and cream...8 inch gloomy, wearing a track jacket with gloomy bear on the jacket in pink and pink w/blood....the floppy puppet ones in pink and blue...gloomy bear face ridiculously cute...6 inch gloomies in pink, orange, and blue...8 inch grey/blk w/blood wearing a black beanie...wind up plush, small wind up, small gloomy charms, compact mirrors, wallets, rugs in pink and much cute gloomy stuff...

This is the compact mirror...and more gloomy bears with Steph...

We also have these 1 inch charms...we've been putting them everywhere...on our shoes, cellphones, purses, I even made a necklace out of one of them...all colors...$5 each.

I heart Gloomy Bear and JapanLA!

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