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What's New At JapanLA?

May 09, 2007

Here are a bunch of pictures of new stuff at JapanLA. We just got more Panda masks in, (and tiger masks too)...and the new tokidoki tank top...Steph is wearing it below, next to one of the Buff Monster prints we have.

Here is the back of the tokidoki tank. It's $40. We got the mushroom stools back in too, $48.

We have it in orange and brown too.

This is Tony, he works at JapanLA every now and then. We just got these tokidoki men's t-shirts back in. They're $44.

Here is the back of that shirt.

We just got the new tokidoki Ribcage hoody. It's $84.

Here is the back of the hoody. It has a really big hood too.

We have more men's tokidoki shirts back in: Sandy, TD Stars, Nurse, Rock Girl, Playground, and Bolle Bolle, which Joey is wearing below. I convinced him to take a picture of the shirt that inspired the tatoo on his neck.

This is Ashley, she's wearing the Harajuku Lovers tank. It's $52.

Here's a pic of the new tokidoki decks. They're $75.99 each.

Here are the new tokidoki pin packs...they're $10 each.

This is Brandy, she looked so cute trying the Gloomy Bear shirt on, we asked if we could take her picture.

That's all for now. I'm working on the online store. It's almost done. So, keep an eye out for it. xoxo, Jamie :)

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