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New Alpacasso Plushies + Omocat Pop-Up Shop!

April 03, 2015
Ain't no party like an ALPACASSO PARTY! Alpacassos have invaded JapanLA just in time for Easter! All Alpacassos available online and in-store. Stop by this weekend or give us a call to place your order!


These 7" Rainbow Alpacasso Plushies are PERFECT for Easter! $15.99



There is a Various amount of Alpacassos that may tickle your fancy!


These 5" Plushes range from Fancy Neck Strap Alpacassos, Small Jewel Alpacassos, Bride & Groom Alpacassos, just about anything for every occassion! $12.99

...even these little Ranch Kids Alpacassos!


These Alpacasso Plush Cellphone Cleaner are equally cute and functional! Their bottoms make perfect cleaners for a clear screen. $5.99



Just want a cute Alpacasso on your phone, keys, or backpack? These Tiny Alpacasso Ribbon Plushies are perfect to attach anywhere! $5.99




Wanna hit the Alpacasso JACKPOT? These LARGE Alpacasso Plushes are only available in-store. Stop by this weekend to find your cuddle buddy in time for Easter! $32 with Ribbons and $35 with Hats Crowns.



Don't forget! We have the OMOCAT Pop-Up Shop at JapanLA running until April 26th. Shop OMOCAT Tees, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Prints, the list goes on! Come check it out before it leaves!


Did you catch JapanLA on A&E's "Storage Wars" this week? Ivy visits Chrissa Sparkles at JapanLA to get a second opinion on super rare Hello Kitty Items!


Hope to see you all this weekend to stock up on Easter goodies! Have a Happy Easter!

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