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Lolita Video + New JapanLA Staff + Lots Of New Stuff

Hi, The Lolita Tea Party last Sunday was pretty awesome! Thanks to everyone who could make it. You can find the pics from the photobooth/display window at

Ken Tanaka was also there and he made a video for us. Check it out below:


This is Patrice. She came on the JapanLA Japan trip last June, and we hung out and had so much fun in Japan. She is wearing a shirt designed by Camilla D'Errico for JapanLA. The back says "JapanLA hearts Helmet Girls." The girl is named Lollipop Pia, and she is one of the helmet girls that Camilla draws. You can only get this shirt from JapanLA, ($25). You can check out Camilla's other cute girls at

We just got these new big plush in...This character is called "Usaru." He is a rabbit that turns into a superhero when he puts on his monkey suit. These are so cute. I love when animals dress as other animals. There are 3 kinds. The white one is the rabbit when he's not wearing the monkey suit, $32 each.

These are bread characters made by Sanrio. These are so hard to find. I've only seen them in Japan. There is also a Panda friend (not shown) that is part of this character series, $30 each.

New Gloomy Bears are in! These are Gloomy Plush that clip onto your pants. It comes with a caribiner, and it has a small zipper on Gloomy's back, where you can fit money or keys, or anything small. I think ravers will love this!

This is Natassia, making her "gloomy" face. Here she is modeling the new Gloomy Clip On plush.

Guys can wear these too. Here's Anthony modeling for me today.

The Clip On Gloomy Plush come in 5 colors: grey, white, red, blue, and pink, $18 each. All 5 come with blood.

Here is Natassia with the new Sparkly White Gloomy Bear Plush. Choose white with gold or silver eyes and claws.

Here's a closer look at the Sparkly White Gloomies. They have sparkly stuff all over them in the fur. It's kinda hard to take a picture to show the sparkles, but they are there, super cute! $25 each.

These are new Gloomy Bear plushy coin purses, $6 each.

Gloomy Bear dressed as a great...$19.95 each

Here's Patrice wearing the new Princess t-shirt, black with pink foil, $24.

New Nintendo sound keychains are here! These are from the Super Mario Galaxy video game. Each keychain makes the sound that the picture on the keychain would make, $4 each.

These are super cute Hello Kitty fans that you wear around your neck...they come with a red Hello Kitty lanyard...and they come with batteries...and when you flip open the fan, there is a mirror inside...these are rad...$12 each

Hello Kitty butter cookies and phone charm of Hello Kitty dressed as a sports character panda. Wow! These are amazing...and I ate the cookies today, and they are really good, $5 each.

These are Hello Kitty Nintendo DS covers. We have Gothic Lolita Hello Kitty and Original Hello Kitty. We can't sell these online, only in the store, $33 each.

Finally, a Little Twin Stars item...and Pochacco too. These are cute digital clocks, only $18 each. We also have these with Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, Keroppi, Badtz Maru, My Melody, and Hello Kitty. These also can only be bought in the store, not online.

Ok...that's it for now. Oh...p.s...we got more Hello Kitty DJ Speakers in and Hello Kitty Banana pillows/plush in too!



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