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So Much New Stuff From Japan Has Arrived!!!

January 16, 2009
So, I know you guys have probably been thinking: "I wonder when JapanLA is getting new stuff in?" Well, we just got in a bunch of stuff from our Japan distributor 2 days ago. Then, today, we got 10 more boxes from our other distributor!!!
First, we have HUGE Gloomy Bear Claws with Carabiners to clip on stuff...and you thought the 9" claws were ridiculously big...these are 19" long x 8" wide.

Here is a pic of me wearing one...ha ha ha! I'm going to use mine as a pillow for the couch though. These come in grey, pink, pink w/no blood, red, and white, $29.95 each.


Hello Kitty Cows!!!! These are pretty big, 13" tall. Rare item from Japan, $35 each.

If you are a Hello Kitty collector, you know how hard it is to find items with Dear Daniel on them. These are cute 7" lamps, and come in red couch or blue couch. These are battery operated, so perfect to have as a backup light if your power goes out or a light beside your bed to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, $28 each.
Red and Black 8" Hello Kitty, 2 kinds, holding apple and apple on overalls. Rare item from Japan, only $10 each.

Giant Hello Kitty Pillow or Cushion. These are great for your bed or couch. They are 18" tall x 17" wide, $30 each.

Remember the Sanrio and San-X Chocolate eggs? Well, now we have the Super Mario Eggs! It is a chocolate egg, that you can eat, with a mystery figure inside, collect 11 different kinds and 1 secret 1, $5 each.
These are really cute Mario Water Games in a DS Lite looking case, only $3 each, great price!

Remember the tofu guys? Well, we have some keychains in now. These are really cute, they come in pink, white, yellow, or green, and yes, you can pick the color, $8 each.

We had these blind boxed Blythe figures a long time ago, we just got some more in, $7 each.

Panda Magnets from Rement, only $5, super weird...great!
Weird Dragon from Dragonball...I love him! only $12, He is really long, 28".
Ok, that is it for now! I have to go unpack those other 10 boxes. So, far, I have opened a few boxes and there are: Gloomy Bear Slippers, Gloomy Bear Plush Hats (restocked), Sugar Bunnies Slippers, Hello Kitty as a Panda (restock), large Tarepanda Plush (restock), Pikmin Plush, Mario Sound Cubes, Goomba, Star (restock), Tarepanda women's tshirts, phonecharms, and more! I will post more pics of the new stuff when I get a chance...but in the meantime, come in to JapanLA this weekend and check out all the new stuff!!!

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