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Hello Kitty Penguins, Monkeys, Pandas! Phone Charms! More!

Here are the pics of some more new stuff we got in from Japan!
Like these new Hello Kitty Penguins! These are 5" tall, come in 6 different colors, $18 each.
Hello Kitty in a Monkey Costume, 7" tall, choose her holding a banana or sitting on banana. Her hood folds down to reveal her kitty ears, $18 each.

Hello Kitty dressed as Panda holding Bamboo Leaves. These are big, 14" tall. We had these before but sold out of them in 1 day. So, we got some more in, but only 6 left after last weekend, $32 each.

Hello Kitty as Panda Plush Keychains, come in cute box, 4 kinds, imported from Japan, $9.50.

For all you Kewpie fans, we have these very cute Kewpie dressed as Cinnamoroll and Tarepanda phonecharms. These are rare items from Japan, and they are licensed collaboration, not bootleg, $9 each.

Here are some cute Rilakuma (Relaxed Bear) Phone Charms. We have him in a donut or his girlfriend holding a cupcake, $9 each.

We also have this really cute Rilakuma dressed as cow small plush phonecharm or keychain, $7 each.

Nyan Nyan Nyanko as a piece of cake. So, people get a little uncomfortable with cats inside food. It's ok, we aren't encouraging eating cats, Nyanko cats turn into whatever they are standing next to. Cute 3" Nyanko Cake charm, $8 each.

Lloromannic Plush! I finally found some. These are secret demonic characters from Sanrio. Lloromannic is Cinnamoroll spelled backwards. Choose grey (Berry) or pink (Cherry), $18 each.

Yay! Gloomy Slippers are here! Just in time for cold gloomy weather. The bottom of these measure about 9.5", and come in 4 kinds, $29.95 per pair.

We also got in other new stuff! Like SugarBunnies Slippers, Tarepanda mugs and t-shirt.
NEW TOKIDOKI CLOTHING JUST ARRIVED YESTERDAY! 3 new shirts, (1 pink Donutella very cute shirt), and 2 zip-up hoodies, (we will post pics asap)!
And Sanrio restock is here! Those very cute Hello Kitty Banks are back in stock: Hamburger, Ninja, Robot and Pirate! Also, jewelry, long wallets of Hello Kitty's face, Hello Kitty x Kewpie Plush, Hello Kitty Animal Keycaps are back, Bling Hello Kitty Face Necklaces and Rings! Small Hello Kitty Turns Into a Panda Plush! Those squishy Hello Kitty as Donut, Creampuff, and Cake Phonecharms are back in $3.50 each! All the Restocked Hello Kitty items are only available in the store or by calling us! but all the other items mentioned above are available on our online store!
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