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New Camilla D'Errico Prints!

February 13, 2009

Happy Almost Valentine's Day! Today is a lucky day, Friday, the 13th! Go scare your friends or see a scary movie today!

We just restocked on the Camilla d'Errico prints. These sold out really fast last time we had them, so don't miss out on them again.

We also got in 6 new prints! Like this "Glowfriends" print. The original painting was done for the "Toys" show at Gallery 1988 back in April 2008.



This is called "Fruit Fuzz." This is a brand new print. It's not even up on her website yet. We also have these as pins in stock.


This one is called "Tickle Monster."



This one is "Shark Bite."



This one is called "Cheshire Cat." It's inspired by Alice in Wonderland.



This one is also from her "Wonderland" series. It's called Caterpillar.



CLICK HERE to view all of the other Camilla d'Errico items we have in stock, like pins, stationary, sketchbooks, and more prints! All of the prints are $30 each, and measure 12" X 18."



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