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JapanLA Super Mega Fun Tour August 2009!

March 30, 2009

So, we are finally finished planning our next trip to Japan! This one is the JapanLA Super Mega Fun Tokyo Tour August 2009! This time we are going to be going to Comiket! The world's largest handmade comic book convention with 35,000 sellers of comic books...crazy right? If you aren't into comics, that's ok too. We have lots of stuff for you to do. Here is the itinerary!

August 11, 2009
Leave LAX Airport

August 12, 2009
Arrive Tokyo! Check into Keio Hotel in Shinjuku. This is a very nice hotel, and you get free internet and tea in your room. There is a Karaoke spot on the 47th floor, and 12 restaurants and 8 bars in the hotel.


This is where you check in, inside the hotel...super nice.


August 13, 2009
Toy and Anime Hunting Day and Studio Ghibli Museum! This is the Studio Ghibli Museum. If you've seen movies like "Spirited Away" or "Princess Mononoke" you will know how cool this place is. There is a cafe, gift shop, book shop, and museum of things from the Ghibli movies. You can also go to the small theater and watch a short film that can only be seen at the museum. It changes all the time, so you will always see something different.


The Studio Ghibli Museum is surrounded by a forest that you have to walk through first. It doesn't look real, but it is.


Now for the toy hunting part...We will head over to Nakano Broadway, where you can find tons of glass cases filled with collectible toys, like this...


Then off to Akihabara...for more toy, anime, and manga lots of electronics, video games, and gadgets.


And lots of maid cafes with cute girls like these serving you...


August 14, 2009
Comiket Comic Convention and Odaiba Adventure
Comiket is a huge convention where you can find unpublished comics. You will receive a Comic Catalog, (like this but for Summer 2009), so you can find your way around the convention.


If you are not into Comics, you can hang out at Odaiba's Aqua City, where you can find an awesome mall, a boardwalk with great food places, Joypolis (an indoor arcade theme park), and a Statue of Liberty (super random, but great!)


This is the inside of Joypolis, the indoor arcade theme park.


August 15, 2009
Japanese Fashion Shopping Day
We will have our own charter bus for this day. So, when you shop, you can leave your stuff on the bus, and not have to lug it around or take it on the train. First stop, Asakusa, to look at temples, a really large Buddha statue...


And shop for souvenirs... to Harajuku...where you will find Japanese fashion shops like the Lolita shops at La Foret...


My favorite store, Kiddyland...a 7 story toy store of mostly character goods...


Here is just one floor, the Sanrio floor...7 more to go...


And don't forget about the Japanese teens who hang out on the bridge, in Harajuku, so you can take photos of them...


August 16, 2009
Puroland (Hello Kitty Land)


This place is so cute and fun! It is an indoor Sanrio Theme Park! You can take pictures with the characters walking around...(Badtz Maru was created for boys.) There is also a Segaworld arcade next door, in case the boys get overwhelmed with the Hello Kitty after a while...)


There are also 4 Sanrio stores inside, with some rare items only available at Puroland. You can eat Hello Kitty shaped food here too, at one of the restaurants. Take a tour of Hello Kitty's house and take a picture with her...See one of the shows, like The Hello Kitty Nutcracker, and take the Sanrio Boat ride, it's like Small World at Disneyland but with Sanrio...I love it!


Later that evening, we will be going to Kingyo in Roppongi...This is a live show and dinner...Some of the girls are actually boys, it's fun to try to guess which ones...This is one of my favorite things to do in Tokyo...You will love it! This show and dinner is included in the tour price.

August 17, 2009
Free Day!
Tokyo Disney is an option...or go back to places you didn't get to see.

August 18, 2009
Leave Tokyo or Optional 3-day Trip to Osaka and Kyoto

August 18, 2009
Kyoto Tour
Hozu River Boat Ride
Temple and Shrine Tour
Kinyomizudera (shown below)
Hang out in Downtown Kyoto for dinner


August 19, 2009
Osaka Fun Day!

Shopping in Dotonburi, Namba, Americamura


August 20, 2009
Return to Los Angeles

OMG! That is a lot of stuff to do! There is actually even more options for night stuff. I don't want to overwhelm you though...Ok, here is the price. August is a popular time to travel, so we have arranged a really good group rate so it is affordable and a very nice, fun trip.

PRICE: $2395 (plus tax and fuel charge, about $280)

Osaka and Kyoto Optional Trip: $850

The price includes:
Hotel (double occupancy)
Transportation to and from hotel and airport
Local Public Transportation while in Japan, including trains, subways, and charter buses
Admissions to: Puroland, Studio Ghibli Museum, Kingyo (night time show)

Deposit $300 due by June 2, 2009
Final Payment due by July 6, 2009

This tour is being offered to you by JapanLA and H.I.S. Travel.

This is your fearless tour guide, Ben. He led the tour last year, and is so awesome! He speaks fluent Japanese and English, and has led many many tours. He will help you find all the random places you want to go in Japan, and he is super fun and positive...and I will be going too! Yay!


So, please email me if you have more questions and want me to email you an application for the tour. August is a busy time so, we can bring 30 people max. Last summer, the tour sold out in 2 weeks, so don't miss out on a really fun summer trip!

Email Jamie at:
or call me at: 323-934-5201
or stop by JapanLA and ask me questions!



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