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New! Dumpling Dynasty! Gama Go! Hello Kitty! Candy!

June 12, 2009

Hi, We have lots of new items in right now!

First up is the new Dumpling Dynasty Bags! The bag on the left is the Weekend Bag. It holds lots of stuff, only $18. The bag on the right is a big shopper bag, only $10. I love the artist's cute vintage style.



We also have this super cute long wallet, $18, and coinpurse, on the far right, $8. The tins in the middle are the Pigtail Kit, which comes with comb, mirror, and hair accessories. The Explorer Kit comes with vintage-style metal flashlight, magnifying glass, metal compass, string with knot-guide and notebook and pencil. These are only $16 each, and make great gifts. Our online shop has pictures of what is inside the tins. Also, in this pic is a set of 8 acrylic chopsticks in a cute tube/box, $8.



New Gama-Go Stuff is Here! Starting from the left is the Yeti Qee (keychain). We have regular as shown, and a glow in the dark one, $10 each. Next, is the Deathbot Undertaker. This is a collectible wooden toy, $22. Set of 8 magnets, $10 per set, and 3 different sets of pins, $6 per pack. We also have lots of Gama-Go Stickers in stock (not online), only $2 each sticker.



Gama-Go has some really cute Shopper Bags too! Use them for groceries, or going to the farmers market, or just putting stuff in, only $16 each, and these are big 16" x 14" x 7".


We also have the matching make-up bags, 9" x 6" x 3", $9 each. Choose Owl or Ramen/Sushi Print.



Cute Hello Kitty and Friends Candy! Mario Barrel Crunchy Candy, $3.49 each, Hello Kitty Lil' Devil Cinnamon Hots, $3, HK Milk Chewy Candy, $3, Lucky Stars HK Candy in cute mini take-out box, $3, Sanrio Pez in the back...there's 2 different Hello Kittys, Chococat, and My Melody Pez, $2.49 each, Bunny Peppermint Soul Candy from the anime, Bleach, $3, and Domokun Energy Drinks, $2.95 each. We also have Hello Kitty Temporary Tattos, $3, and Hello Kitty Pink Wristbands, $5, (not shown on this blog, but can be found on the online shop under "New."



Look at these cute bags! Neko Biscuits and Neko Ramen Bags! $24.95 each.



New Hello Kitty Items In Stock Too! Like these Hello Kitty Geisha Plush. Choose red or pink kimonos. The larger one is $14, smaller one is $9.95. There is also an even smaller one, about 3 inches for $7.50. These are very cute.



New Hello Kitty Keycaps. Everyone loves these. Now there are 4 new ones. Hello Kitty dressed as a Monkey, Pink Bear, Panda, or Pink Leopard, $3.25 each.



This is so cute. It's a mini toaster that holds notepaper that looks like toast. You push the toaster lever down, and a piece of toast paper pops out of it, comes with 100 sheets of paper, $8.95 each. Next to it is a small Hello Kitty, $7.50



We also have a bigger Hello Kitty, about 12" tall with overalls for $28.50, and that's the mini one again for $7.50.



There's new pink Hello Kitty Winking Holding Bear Stuff. HK coinpurse $3.95, Diary with Lock $9.95, Vinyl Wallet $6.50, Erasable Schedule Board $15, Small Notepad $1.25, Student Planner $4.50.



And some Hello Kitty Star Items! Cute Notebook comes with Pen and 120 sheets of HK paper $15, To-Do List Memo Pad $3.95, and 3-ring Binder $7.50.



Everything is available on our online store except the Hello Kitty items starting with the Geisha Plush. Those are available in our store or by calling us for a phone order.

Tomorrow! JapanLA is going to have a table at "The Swap," in Costa Mesa from 10am -3pm. JapanLA, in L.A., will still be open too, from 11am - 8pm (Saturday). Some of our friends are going to have tables there too, like Kid Robot, Soulful Commandoe, Rockett, To Die For, and more! Check it out. There are lots of good deals to check out there. Get there early though so you don't miss out on the good stuff!



Last thing, if you are still deciding whether to go on the Japan Trip this August, please email me or call me with questions at, or call (323) 934-5201, ask for Jamie. THE DEADLINE TO SIGN UP HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JULY 2ND, 2009.



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