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JapanLA Tee & Octopus Pirate Tee & tokidoki Stuff!

July 17, 2009

I just put up the new JapanLA tee on the online store. This was designed by Alan Bastida for our t-shirt design contest. We only have womens sizes right now. The men sizes are sold out, but we will be reprinting them soon. JapanLA tees are only $18 each.



We also have these cute Octopus Pirate Tees for women, $26 each.



The Gloomy Bear Plush Backpacks are in...Here's a cute pic of them...$29.95 pink...



and in grey...



We also have the Special Edition tokidoki Kaniza's in stock. These are about 5" tall, and have a removable top. There are pictures on both sides. So, the top pic is one side, and the bottom pic is what the other side looks like, so there are 2 pieces to these. Hope that's not too confusing, $24.95 each.


We also got in a couple of the 8 inch tokidoki Dunnys. These have been out for a while, but we have some in if you haven't gotten one yet...They are awesome in person, $59.95 each.



We have tons of stuff in. I'm working on posting it today, so stay tuned for lots of cute stuff, including Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes...they are soooo cute!



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