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Camilla D'Errico Plushie And Tanpopo Book!

July 20, 2009

We love Camilla d'Errico! We have her new book called Tanpopo in stock. The book is 40 pages full color, and measures 6.5" x 9.75", larger than a standard manga, $10.99.



"Edge and emotion bring to life the story of a young girl who makes a pact with a devil. She is released from the machine that has been her only existence for the hope of finding happiness..."



This is Kuro, the devil they are referring to in the quote about the book, above.



Kuro also known as "Poodle," is the devil's cute dog form. "Kuro releases Tanpopo from her solitary existence. In exchange for her soul, he will be her guide in the world and teach her the human range of emotions."



Kuro is Camilla d'Errico's first plush. He measures 6" tall. He has a white mask to hide his dark side, (mask not removable.) He is very cute, $15.

If you are going to Comic-Con this Thursday - Sunday, Camilla d'Errico will be signing at Table N11 in the Small Press Area (near Artist Alley).
CLICK HERE for her detailed schedule.


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