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Domo Qees! tokidoki Zipps & Journals!

July 24, 2009

The Domokun Qee Figures just came in! They are 2" Collectible Figures, $8.99 each.



These are blind boxed. There are 15 different colors/patterns to collect, and 1 secret color. And as an added bonus, there is a piece of a Build-A-Domo. So, if you collect all 6 pieces, you can put it together to make a transparent Domo.



Look at these tokidoki Zippo lighters. Zippo guarantees their lighters for life. Choose Lion Papa or Skull Logo, $39.99 each.



We have so much new stuff right now, like this tokidoki Latte Journal, $14.99. We also got more of the other two tokidoki journals,(not shown, $9.99 each). And we have more tokidoki pillowcases too!



New Hello Kitty Too! Socks! Keycaps! Long Wallets! Here's a quick look at some of the stuff we got in...I'll post more soon!



Ok! I'm leaving for Comic Con now! I'm going to posting on my twitter account while I'm down there, so add JapanLA on your twitter account for updates:

JapanLA is open too! So, stop by and check out all the new stuff.

XO, Jamie

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