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Back From Japan With Lots Of Stuff And New tokidoki!

I'm back from Japan, and I managed to stuff my bags with lots of goodies for the shop!


Hello Kitty x Gloomy Bear Collaboration Plush and Phone Charms! These are only available in Japan! They are pretty hard to find, even there! The plush is 8" tall, and has a clip you can clip to your belt loop and a zipper on the back to put stuff in, $39.99.



These are the Gloomy x Hello Kitty Phone Charms. There are 2 kinds, $12 each.



These are the new Gloomy Bear Laying Down Plush. These are big, 17" long...We have pink w/blood and white w/blood. $30 each.



Hello Kitty Vibrators from Japan! I found the elusive Hello Kitty Vibrators, or "Shoulder Massager." We have red, pink, or black. These make great gifts, $24 each and come with batteries.



I also picked up a bunch of random Hello Kitty stuff, like bag clips, toilet paper holders, hooks, body sponges, etc. This stuff is $3-$4 each.



 Remember this guy? His name is Usarusan. He is a Rabbit that becomes a superhero when he puts on his monkey costume. This is him dressed as a frog, monkey, or cow...pretty awesome! Frogs and cows are 8" tall, $19.95 each...dressed as monkey is 10" tall, $22.



We also have bag charms/phonecharms of Usarusan dressed as a penguin, lion, or sheep, $8 each, and 2 other phonecharms too. We also have pencil pouches and small totebag in plush bag, (not shown).



I found Rilakkuma costumes! Here is Kei wearing it. These are from Japan, $79.95 each. These are for adults and come in one size. They will fit most anyone, they are baggy with lots of room.



I also picked up these costumes: Pikachu, Korilakkuma, and a pink Stitch. These are all adult sizes $79.95 each. I could only manage to get 2 of each of these, so if you want a great Halloween costume, pick one up now!


New tokidoki Tees came in yesterday too! We have these Sabochan and Nurse Tees in mens and womens sizes, $33 each.


Look at the cute girl tees! I love that tokidoki is bringing back the girls on their shirts, $33 each.



Cute Adios & Ciao Ciao eating Sushi and a Latte Tee, for women, $33 each.


My Bone Hoodie in Mint Green. It has a tokidoki/bone pattern inside the hood, and Bastardino in a dog house on the back. These are only $66 each, and will sell out fast.


We also got in more Spicy Brown tees, totes, and socks. Here's a pic of the new Takoyaki tee and tote. Tee is $24, Tote is $22. We also have Tofu Robot tees for Men and Women, and a new Sushi Cat (not shown).

All of this stuff will be available online later. I'm working on it. Or just call us and do a phone order, if you want to make sure we don't run out of items before I get a chance to post them.

Or just come in the store today. There is even more stuff in the store that I haven't posted yet, like new Sonny Angel (the babies with animals on their head) Marine version, Japanese Food Erasers, Hello Kitty Mystery Phone Charms, Tokidoki Frenzies, Cactus Pups back in stock, Hello Kitty Pet Blanket, Plush, and More!

We are open until 8pm today, (Saturday)...and 11am-7pm every other day.

XO, jamie

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