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Happy Birthday Hello Kitty!

November 01, 2009

Today was 100% kawaii craziness over at Royal/T for Hello Kitty's Birthday during Three Apples! As an ode to Kitty's 35th anniversary, here are some super awesome Hello Kitty merch that we just got in the store!

The Hello Kitty x Loungefly boombox speaker tote bag is now available! The bag has real speakers! To use the speakers, you just plug in any mp3 player into the jack located in the side zipper pocket. Turn up the volume on the player itself and music will play out of the speakers. Isn't that awesome!? I am in love with all of the details: appliques, embroidery, denim material, purple stitching, metallic purple print, side zipper… So kawaii, right!? And it's only $54.00! Definitely a must-have! n_~




And there are more new items from Loungefly! The Hello Kitty Rocker wallet is perfect for anyone who loves Rock'n'Roll themed Kitty-chan! It is available for $29.95




Loungefly also has some very adorable key caps available! So many designs, I wish I had more keys! The key caps are $5.00 each.



One of my favorite Hello Kitty designs is classic Hello Kitty… What's not to adore? I love this face wallet! And the inside details with all the bows!!! *_*




Check out the trio of Hello Kitty trinket boxes. These are $9.95 for all three… Adorable, right? They are a perfect size to put any small kawai earrings and rings! n_n



Hello Kitty pins! So adorable! They are $1.50 each…



My favorite one is the *Supercute* Hello Kitty one! I adore! n_n



Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Reversible Dolls are here. If you turn the doll inside out, Hello Kitty will transform into a witch or a princess! It's my dream come true! Two plushes for the price of one! Totally score! You can get these for $23.00!



New plushes perfect for the holiday season! Hello Kitty + pink = super soft kawaii plushes in two sizes! The smaller one is available at $18.00 and the larger one is $38.00



Large Huge Hello Kitty Christmas tree plush! FYI: the Christmas tree comes off and it is her dress! OMG!!! Super duper kawaii! *_* It is $99.00



One of my favorite plushes I have seen in a really long time is the Hello Kitty holiday gingerbread plush and it is available now for $19.95. I love the cute colors, Kitty's blushing cheeks… She just looks so cozy and cuddly!




I hope you guys come in and check out the new Hello Kitty merchandise! Believe me, everything is über kawaii and there are so many more exclusive items! I will definitely post more items as soon as possible!

Meow! Maria =^_^=

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