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Rilakkuma Christmas Party Photos & Contest Winners!

December 17, 2009

The Rilakkuma Christmas Pancake Party was so much fun!

The photos from the party are posted at RONYS PHOTOBOOTH

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the party! And thanks to everyone who made it out, even through the rain! It was worth it! Look at these cute outfits from BUBBLE PUNCH and their cute friend.

We had a photo area set up with Rilakkuma. It was his first visit to the U.S. from Japan. Lots of friends stopped by to say "Hi" to him, including AUDREY KITCHING




MISHA loved Rilakkuma.


We also had a "Most Outrageous Christmas Outfit" Contest! Here are the winners! 1st Place Winner goes to this guy! He was dressed as "Marley," who is the 1st ghost that visits Ebeneezer Scrooge, in Charles Dicken "A Christmas Carol." Shayna had an awesome outfit too, by the way, (pictured here with Xmas Ghost Guy).


First place was this awesome giant Rilakkuma Plush given to us by "Tamaya," a store in Torrance that sells lots of San-X products.


2nd Prize goes to "Stephanie" for her crazy Christmas Outfit. She even had shiny Christmasy shoes. Stephanie won a big Korilakkuma Plush.


3rd Prize goes to Ari for her "Snow Angel" Outfit. So awesome! Ari, come by JapanLA and pick up your prize, which is a medium-sized Rilakkuma plush.


4th Place prize goes to the girl who made this Rilakkuma Hat. It was so cute and creative. She won a medium sized Rilakkuma!



We also had a raffle for all the people who filled out the San-X surveys that were filled out at the party. The winner has been notified by email. The winner gets a Korilakkuma plush!

Thanks to the BUTTERMILK TRUCK who came out to serve some of Rilakkuma's favorite foods: pancakes & donuts!


Yum! Red Velvet Pancakes!


We still have lots of San-X items at JapanLA for sale, including plush, phonecharms, bags, pens, pencils, makeup bags, slippers, and more! We have the characters: Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and their yellow chick friend, Mamegoma, and Kamonohashikamo (Platypus).


JapanLA is stocked with lots of Christmas gifts right now! So, come by!

XO, Jamie

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