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I Heart Cute Socks!

April 27, 2010

We have REALLY cute socks at JapanLA right now!!!! Like these ninja, mustache, eyeglasses, and teeth socks, only $7 per pair. The yellow mustache and red ninja are calf-length, so can be worn by men or women. The pink mustache, grey ninja, eyeglasses, tooth socks are knee-length, which women usually prefer more than men, but...hey, if guys want to wear them too, awesome!



We also have very cute Hello Kitty socks in stock. These are all knee-length socks, $12 per pair. The red striped ones are the "I Heart Nerds" with Hello Kitty wearing glasses socks. Many of you were asking when we would get more of those in. They are HERE now!



Check out all of our SOCKS on our online shop and in our store!

XO, Jamie

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