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Hello Kitty x Girl Skateboards Decks, Wheels, Mens Tees!

May 18, 2010

The highly anticipated Hello Kitty x Girl Skateboard decks are here! This is the first time Sanrio has collaborated with a professional skateboarding team, so it's a super big deal...and Mike Carroll decided to make it his pro-model deck, (for those of you who don't know, I happen to be Mike Carroll's #1 Fan). Mike is on the left and Rick Howard, (also a fave of mine), is on the right.



The deck is red on the top and the pic on the right is the bottom of it, and it measures 8" x 31.62", the price of the deck is $59.99 if you purchase it in the store. If we are sending it to you, the price is $64.99 online to adjust for shipping charges.



Girl also made collectible wheels for this deck. They come in white (51mm), red (50mm), or blue (52mm). We will also have some complete skateboards for sale too, that includes trucks, hardware, wheels, bearings, and grip tape, for about $150, all put together and ready for you to ride. I will post when those are ready, just waiting for my friend to come and build some.



Finally!!! Men's Hello Kitty Tees!!! These come in Royal Blue, Black, or White, $20 each. The front has a small Hello Kitty Girl Logo, here is a close up of it.



Here is how the front of the tees look.



This is the back of the shirts in black...



And in Royal Blue...



Don't miss out on this limited collaboration.CLICK HERE to go to our online shop!

XO, Jamie

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