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Haus Of Super Shimmer & Zoolander Pics!

June 11, 2010

Thank you for coming out to our "Haus of Super Shimmer" Pop-Up Shop and parties! The JapanLA 4 Year Shiny Party pics will be posted next week. We have some good photos from the epic Zoolander Walk-Off Party though! The ones I am posting and a bunch more can be found on the LA Weekly site. Thanks to Bubble Punch for putting this together for us! (pictured below is Stephiee on the left, and Michelle (middle) and True Mee (right), from Bubble Punch!More pics can be found on Bubble Punch site too!


I was so impressed on how many people dressed up for the party! Here was the 1st place winner! He won based on costume and "walk-off" performance! So awesome!


2nd Place Winner went to the Mugatu on the left, on the right is Julie looking cute as always. Thanks to LookBookLA for taking awesome photos. Check out their site for more photos!


David Bowie introduced the Walk-Off, and 3rd place went to this great J.P. Prewitt.


Take a look at our pop-up shop at Space 1520. Can you spot the Sanrio Doc Martens?


Thanks to our friends who were part of our Pop-Up Shop! Jenny Rae with her Lil' Rae Cakes and art, (on left), and Audrey Kitching , who brought cute clothes from her past photoshoots and closet!


Bubble Punch aka Chubby Bunny & Ninja Sovereign pictured here with bows and art!


More of True Mee's Art can be found on her site Ninja Sovereign.


Jessica Louise with her awesome clothes & accessories!


Shrinkle, owner of Sugar Pill make-up! The makeovers on Sunday were awesome!


More awesome friends. This is Mandy! She has a cool blog called Zippercut!


Irene showed up late but looked AMAZING!!!


We also had a few of the Darth Vader Helmets on display from The Vader Project. The Opening is TODAY, Friday, June 11, 6pm-10pm. You can check out all 100 helmets painted by artists! They go up for auction in Philadelphia on July 10th, but you can bid online! This is Dan Goodsell's "Darth Bacon" Helmet!


Buff Monster and Dan Goodsell came by on Sunday for an artist "Meet & Greet." That's me and Buff, (after my Sugar Pill makeover), and you can see Dan Goodsell in the background on the left.


Gary Baseman showed up dressed as a Chou Chou. He is having a special event at the La Brea Tar Pits at LACMA, tomorrow, Saturday, June 12th, called "Giggle & Pop," with live performances at noon, 1pm, and 3pm, with random performances in between!


We have the Vader Project Book with pictures of all 100 helmets at JapanLA too!


Thank you everyone! The 4 Year Anniversary Photos will be up shortly...

Come to JapanLA this weekend! We have lots of new stuff, including Sanrio 50th Anniversary products and Hello Kitty tees, including an HK Basketball Tee, and HK MacBook laptop cases!

We are open until 8pm on Saturday's! and 11am - 7pm, everyday.

XO, Jamie

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