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Yummy You! Food Scarves! Cute Tees!

August 25, 2010

So much cute stuff is in at JapanLA! The Yummy You knitted food scarves are so cute! These are hand knitted special items, made by Twinkie Chan.

Sushi Knitted Scarf, $64.95


Sushi Fingerless Mittens, $34.95


Cupcake Knitted Scarf, $64.95


Cute Cupcake Knitted Purse, $69.99


Toast Knitted Scarf, $64.95


Bacon & Egg Scarf, $64.95


Cookie Bling Women's Tee, $29.95


Cute Bunny Tank, $40


Punk Rock Deer Tee, $38


Teddy Bear Tee, $38


Emotional Cat Tee, $38


New items are arriving at JapanLA twice a week, so check back on the blog for more frequent updates. We will be adding tons of stuff to our site!

XO, Jamie

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