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New! tokidoki Mens & Womens Tees! Marvel! Baby Too!

September 17, 2010
New tokidoki Tees have just arrived! Here are some of the men's tees! Hurry and get your size before they sell out! You can view all the men's tees HERE!
Dr. Doom Eating a Donut, Men's Tee, $28, (tokidoki x Marvel)
Werewolf Men's Tee, $28, (also available in Womens)
American Girl, Men's Tee, $28 (this one may seem familiar, tokidoki did this 4 years ago but with the Japanese Rising Sun on her butt...this one is so patriotic)
New! tokidoki x Marvel for Women! This one is my fave, Spiderman rescuing Ciao Ciao, $28.
Campfire Wolverine Womens Tee, $28
Some regular tokidoki tees too! This one is Mozzarella Cycling, $28. You can see all the tokidoki Women's Tees HERE!
New Fashion tokidoki Bunny Tee, $38
Check out this new tokidoki jacket with the inferno print inside! Super cute! $88
New Women's Hoodies! View all Hoodies HERE!
Latte Ollie, $66.
Rockin' On Hoodie, $66
The tokidoki baby is SO cute! I wish they made these prints for adults! View all tokidoki babyHERE! Baby Mozzarella Ice-Cream Tee & Rockin' Bunny Tee, $26.95 each
Cute 2-pack Bibs $30.95 and Monkey Sundae Baby Tee, $26.95
OMG! So much tokidoki here right now! We also have tokidoki journals, stationary sets,frenzies, and zippo lighters. In store, we have tokidoki coasters, gelaskins for iphone cases, and stickers.
XO, Jamie

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