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Hello Kitty Lucky Cat! Socks! Calendars!

October 01, 2010
More cute stuff has arrived at JapanLA! Check out this cute stuff featuring Hello Kitty as a Lucky Cat!
Hello Kitty Lucky Cat Bag, $54.99
Hello Kitty Lucky Cat Wallet, $29.95
Hello Kitty Lucky Cat, Coinpurse, $17.50
Hello Kitty Socks, $12 per pair
Hello Kitty Reversible Riding Hood Plush, 12" tall. Two plush in one. Flip Hello Kitty's Riding Hood dress over her head to reveal Hello Kitty dressed as a wolf in a nighgown...super cute, $25.
Chococat Mug $18, Keycap $3.75, Iphone Case, $24
2011 Calendars and Planners are here! White Vinyl Case with planner inside $20, Red calendar measures 8" x 8.5" $8.95, HK 2011 Diary/Planner 7.5" x 5.5" $15, Wall Calendar 12" x 12" $14, Pink Calendar 5.5" x 7.5" $7.95, Poster Calendar 33" x 24" $5.95
Hello Kitty 4" Keychains, $12
Hello Kitty Necklaces, $8.95, comes in pink, red, or purple
Hello Kitty Deco Press-On Nails, $14, 4 colors available
Hello Kitty Food Containers, You get all 4 of these, they fit inside each other, $12 for all four.
Adult Apron and Cooking Mitts
Cute Sleeping masks, diary, and large playing cards
Halloween Hello Kitty as a Witch or Cat, $15
Plus we just restocked on:
Chubby Bunny Bows in Pink & Red, $30 each
Fairy Drops Mascara from Japan, $26
Animal Erasers: Unicorns, Hamsters, Cows, Giraffes, Pandas, and Octopus, $1-$1.25 each
Hello Kitty $3 Phone Charms
Earmuffs: Panda, Hamburger, Strawberry, $8 each
Hello Kitty Keycaps, $5 each
Special Effects Hair Dye, $12.99 each
XX, Jamie

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