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Kittens & Ice Cream Re-Cap!

Our Kittens & Ice Cream 5th Year Anniversary Party was awesome! Hope you didn't miss it! But if you did, here are some links to some photo galleries where you can see all the kitty craziness! See anyone you know?
There is still art for sale in our Online Shop
 and our show will be up until July 5th so come in and see it!
Now I'd like to announce the winners of our contests! The first goes to "Craziest Cat Lady". A true cat lady. She has 7 cats and has them all tatooed on her leg! Whaaaaaaat?!
The award for "Best Cat" goes to Sailor Cat! Careful! She bites!
And for "Most Creative" the award goes to this Crazy Cat Lady/Man Couple. They're puurfect for each other! ;P
Thanks to San-X and Sanrio for donating the prizes for the contests! And thank you to the over 500 friends who showed up!
Also a huge thank you to 
Grilled Cheese Truck and 
Lake Street Creamery for coming! Oh and Hello Kitty! Thanks for stopping by!
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