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Warm Up With Hello Kitty!

November 01, 2011
Hello November! Winter is just around the corner! Stay warm around the house and pamper yourself cute with new Hello Kitty ear muffs, house slippers, and pajamas, also available in solid pink and solid black. Because even sleepy kitties need to look their best! Prices range from $14.50-$37.95. (All Hello Kitty items except the pajamas are in-store only!)
Got a sweet tooth? Go on a cooking frenzy with Hello Kitty cookie cutters, cake decorations and cupcake wrappers! $6.95-$8.95
Hello Kitty is dressed up and ready to play with you! Our new plush come with their own matching finger puppets so you can interact with them, $28 each
Looking for that perfect pop of color and cute to accompany your wardrobe? Maybe our new Hello Kitty clutch or bags can help bring you that flair! Prices range from $32.00-$59.50
We also have super adorable video game controller necklaces by Geeky Glamorous! These unique handcrafted pieces are sure to get you noticed! $20 each
Back in stock are Hello Kitty Mustache iPhone 4 Cases, all six Momiji Figures, and Momiji keychains!
This Saturday, November 5th, JapanLA will have our own booth at DesignerCon! The event runs from 10am to 5pm with $7 admission ($5 online) at the Pasadena Convention Center. Prepare yourself for tons of artists and vendors showing off their amazing products and art!

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