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New Kigurumi Animal Costumes & Hats!

February 18, 2012
New Kigurumi Costumes and Hats are here! These are from a new company, Sazac, and feature more detail and a different fleece. Due to this difference they are slightly higher in price than the other brand we had before, but still a deal at $59.95!
The Owl Kigurumi is a fabulously cozy addition to your wardrobe and you can definitely expect many cuddles and hugs when you wear it as a costume.
Whether gliding through tree tops or hanging out on solid ground, this Flying Squirrel Kigurumi is pure win. This costume features a white belly, brown back, cute little ears and WINGS! (Wikipedia calls them patagium, but I say they're wings.)
A little bit Vampire, a whole lotta cute! This stylish Bat features a red bow tie and winged sleeves!
Remoo-ve all inhibitions when you sport this hilarious Cow Kigurumi, complete with a black and white body, two little horns and a tail.
New Penguin Kigurumi! This one is a little different than the one we had before. This one has a dark grey back and sleeves, and a more plushy head/hood. Very cute and warm!
Is a full onesie too much for you? How about an adorable Kigurumi Hat? All hats are adult sized and just $24.95.
We have Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas
and your favorite alien dog, Stitch!
If rainbow bears are more your speed how about Care Bears? We have Share Bear!
Bedtime Bear!
Cheer Bear!
And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Good Luck Bear! We only have a limited amount of these, so hurry before they are gone!

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