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Kawaii Pop Art Show!

July 06, 2012
"Kawaii Pop" Art Show opens tomorrow, Saturday, July 7th, at JapanLA.The art show is curated by JSalvador, featuring cute art inspired by video games, comics, and anime.
Featuring original art and prints by JSalvador, nomarios, and Omocat.
JSalvador is the creator of the Super Emo Friends art you may have seen at JapanLA. J is adding some new characters inspired by Sailor Moon and Street Fighter.
nomarios is a Tumblog where artist Ashley Davis draws all the coolest videogame characters who don't get to be under the spotlight too often.
OMOCAT is a person who likes to make things. OMOCAT is influenced by anime, classic and cult video games (namely Zelda and Earthbound), and events of her childhood.
The show opens, Saturday, July 7, 2012, with a soft opening reception at 12pm. We will have free Jarritos soda and Hubert's Lemonade for you. The show will be up all month from July 7th - Aug 5th, 2012. (JapanLA will open at its normal time of 11am on Saturday.)

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