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Halloween Costumes, Hats, Headbands!

October 06, 2012
Just in time for Halloween, we have lots of cute hats, headbands, and costumes! These aren't just for Halloween, they are cute enough to wear year round.
New Knit Hats, adult sized. We have Hello Kitty in black or white, Pandapple, and Chococat, $32 each.
Sanrio Character Headbands! Adult Sized. Choose Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty, or Keroppi to wear on your head, $16.00 each, (available in store or phone order)
My Melody and Hello Kitty Fuzzy Headbands, Kids Sized, $12 each, (available in store or phone order)
Hello Kitty's Ears and Bow Headband, Adult Sized, $15. Perfect if you want to be Hello Kitty for Halloween, (available in store or phone order)
Hello Kitty Shiny Bow Headbands. The pink one is for kids, $12. The red one is for adults, $15, (available in store or phone order)
We are stocked on our Chubby Bunny x Hello Kitty Bows, Handmade by Chubby Bunny herself, $30 each, choose red or pink.
We have Hello Kitty Kigurumi's in stock, but they are selling fast. These are shipped from Japan, so we have all of our stock for Halloween now! So, don't wait! We have 4 types of Hello Kitty Kigurums: Hello Kitty Pink Original, Pink Leopard, Regular Leopard, and Hello Kitty Pink Zebra, pictured below, $85 each, one size fits most adults, men and women.
Looking for a couple's costume? We just got this cute Chip 'n Dale costume, $85 each.
Get cuddly with Hello Kitty Adult Footie Pajamas, $28.
Hello Kitty Halloween Tattoos, $3.50 per sheet, (available in store or phone order)
We have a large selection of Kigurumi Costumes and Hats right now, but as Halloween approaches, our costumes sell out very quickly. So, get your costume early, or it will be gone!

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