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Super Kawaii Spring Looks!

April 12, 2014
We are getting in new JapanLA Clothing for Spring this month! Our first piece from the collection is the JapanLA Clothing official Little Twin Stars Sweater, you will love! This oversized sweater is perfect for your cool Spring nights. The sweater is available in limited quantities, $130.
Our friend Twinkie Chan posted a cute blog about the sweater. Here are some pics from her post.
Here is a close up of the sweater. It has shiny, silver lurex weaved into the fabric to make it sparkle. The fabric is super soft and comfy.
These cute hats with ears have just arrived! Available in a Straw, $15, or Wool, $20.
Check out our Flower Crown and Headbands, ranging from $14-$30 each.
We also have these awesome PacMan headbands that are $20
and this cute Pokeball sequin hair clip/pin for $12.
New Men's Tees are in, $26 each. Anime
No Life
Feelings (Pizza)
The super popular Unicorn Kigurumi are back in stock! Blue and Pink are available, $59.99 each! We are also stocked up with many popular characters like Zebra, Red Panda, Tabby Cat and lots more!
Come by and visit us this weekend and check out more cute stuff in the store!

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