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Irregular Choice x Star Wars Phase 2 has Landed!!

June 03, 2016

The NEW Irregular Choice x Star Wars Phase 2 Shoes are here at JapanLA! These shoes are super special and we only have a very limited number of shoes left. All of these shoes are available in store & online!

These Star Wars Flats are super sparkly and comfortable to walk in too! Choose your favorite Star Wars Character! Astromech Flats, $190; I Am Your Father Flats, $184; Golden Droid Flats, $184.

Let these Star Wars Shoes light up your life! Whenever you walk, they flash different colors. R-Series Artoo Sneakers, $212; Floral Droid Sandals, $206.

Irregular Choice put a special carnival inspired twist on these Day of the Trooper Heels, $256.

Lead the Imperial march into spring & summer in these striking Golden Vader Platform Heels, $276.  

R2D2 has never looks as sparkly and magical as it does on these Irregular Choice Shoes! Each shoe has an amazing R2D2 heel. Glitzy Artoo Shoes, $247; Floral Artoo Heels, $221; Battle with Artoo Shoes, $256 .


This year is JapanLA's 10 Year Anniversary! To celebrate we are curating a Super Kawaii Food Art Show and having a party! Opening night and party night is June 11th from 6pm-10pm. There is going to be a bunch of Super Kawaii Food Original Art, Prints, Jewelry, & Accessories from our favorite artists, including Simone Legno (tokidoki), Paul Frank, Crowded Teeth, and more!  For more info and full artist list, check out our Facebook Event Page.


JapanLA is on Snapchat! Follow us to see new stuff before it goes online, and see what we do behind the scenes. Screenshot our Snapcode and then open the Snapchat app, "Add Friends", then "Add by Snapcode" and upload the image.


Don't forget to check out our Instagram where we post cute new things everyday!

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