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NEW Totoro, Spirited Away, Sailor Moon, & Men's Tees!

Studio Ghibli items are here at JapanLA!

These little Totoro plush are the perfect companions for your next adventure. Both measure 6" tall. Choose between Blue or Grey, $15.99 each.

Attach a Totoro Bag Clip to your purse or backpack! Choose between Blue, White or Grey, $10.99 each.

Cuddle up with one of these fuzzy Totoro Plush! Choose from the Grey 9" Totoro Plush or Blue 8" Totoro Plush, $25.99 each.

All aboard! This Fluffy Catbus Plush is so cute! Measures 10.5" long, $30.

Keep your things safe and cute in a Totoro Plush Coin Pouch! Choose between Blue or Grey, $12.99 each.

Decorate your windows with Plush! These Soot Sprite Plush and Totoro Suction Plush have suction cups attached to them so you can stick them on your window as a cute decoration. Soot Sprites, $11.99 each; Totoro Suction Plush, $25.99.


Keep this No Face Plush on your desk or bed as a cute decoration. Measures 8" tall, $15.99.


Clip this No Face Pouch onto your bag and have it hold your spare change, $17.99.

Sailor Moon has arrived at JapanLA! Show your love for her with these cute new items. Tumbler, $9.99; Earrings, $12.99; Sailor Moon Plush, $19.99; Hat, $19.99.

Sailor Moon & Tuexdo Mask Pin Set, $6.99; Luna & Artemis Pin Set, $6.99; Sailor Moon Cat Patches, $4.99 each.

Sailor Moon Knee High Socks, $6.99 each; Crew Socks, $9.99; 5 Pack Socks, $13.99.

We have new Men's Tees at JapanLA! Choose between the Pokeball Tee or Gizmo Tee. Available in store & online, $24 each.

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