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NEW Totoro, Spirited Away, Sailor Moon, & Men's Tees!

April 20, 2016

Studio Ghibli items are here at JapanLA!

These little Totoro plush are the perfect companions for your next adventure. Both measure 6" tall. Choose between Blue or Grey, $15.99 each.

Attach a Totoro Bag Clip to your purse or backpack! Choose between Blue, White or Grey, $10.99 each.

Cuddle up with one of these fuzzy Totoro Plush! Choose from the Grey 9" Totoro Plush or Blue 8" Totoro Plush, $25.99 each.

All aboard! This Fluffy Catbus Plush is so cute! Measures 10.5" long, $30.

Keep your things safe and cute in a Totoro Plush Coin Pouch! Choose between Blue or Grey, $12.99 each.

Decorate your windows with Plush! These Soot Sprite Plush and Totoro Suction Plush have suction cups attached to them so you can stick them on your window as a cute decoration. Soot Sprites, $11.99 each; Totoro Suction Plush, $25.99.


Keep this No Face Plush on your desk or bed as a cute decoration. Measures 8" tall, $15.99.


Clip this No Face Pouch onto your bag and have it hold your spare change, $17.99.

Sailor Moon has arrived at JapanLA! Show your love for her with these cute new items. Tumbler, $9.99; Earrings, $12.99; Sailor Moon Plush, $19.99; Hat, $19.99.

Sailor Moon & Tuexdo Mask Pin Set, $6.99; Luna & Artemis Pin Set, $6.99; Sailor Moon Cat Patches, $4.99 each.

Sailor Moon Knee High Socks, $6.99 each; Crew Socks, $9.99; 5 Pack Socks, $13.99.

We have new Men's Tees at JapanLA! Choose between the Pokeball Tee or Gizmo Tee. Available in store & online, $24 each.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram where we post cute NEW things everyday!

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