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Spring Pastel Kawaii Time!

April 06, 2016

Spring Time brings us lots of pastel items, which we love, like this Care Bear Stare Tee! Choose between Mint or Pink, $40 each.

Match with your BFF while wearing these Care Bear Stare Cross Body Bags from Iron Fist! Choose between Mint or Pink. Available in store & online, $59.99 each.

This super cute Grin & Bear It Romper is back in stock! Available in store & online, $65.

This NEW Power Rangers Jacket will make you look just like the Pink Ranger. Available in store & online, $75. 

These Men's Tees from HVY BLK are back in stock! Choose between the Love Hotel Sailor Moon Men's Tee or the Moonlight Mischief Tee, $25 each.

Step into spring in a new pair of super cute socks from Sock it To Me! All of these socks are available in store & online, $10 - $14 each.

We have a bunch of cute NEW Iwako puzzle erasers at JapanLA! These are all available in store or you can order online and get a mystery eraser.

Dinosaur Erasers, $1.00 each.

Ice Cream Erasers, $1.00 each.

Sushi Erasers, $1.00 each.

We also have these cute Keychain Squishies! Choose between Donuts, $4.99, or Burgers, $3.99. Available in store or call/email to order.

Graduation is right around the corner and Hello Kitty is here to help congratulate your graduate! Available in store or call/email to order, $12.50 each.

Don't forget the check out our Instagram where we post cute NEW things everyday! 

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