Feb 10, 2015

Hey lovebirds! Did you know that Valentine's Day is just a few days away? If you are running out of time for potential gifts, you can always win over a girl's heart with some plush!

Surprise your loved one with this 24" Pink Hello Kitty Heart Plush! We can guarantee tears of joy and cuteness when they get it! $95.00 - Available in-store, or call/email today, to order!

One can never go wrong with pink! This Hello Kitty x tokidoki Heart Leopard Plush is too cute to handle! $25.00 Available in-store only.

Are you going on a hot sushi date for Valentine's? Surprise your bae with this ultra comfy Kirimi-chan Plush! She is the sweetest salmon fillet determined to be your mealtime companion! So why not take your food date home with you? $48.00 Available in-store, or by phone/email.

Do you love Snoopy as much as the rest of America? Well, he has a cute sister too! Introducing - Belle! These cuties are laying down, making the perfect set or individual gifts to someone you love and care about! $26.00 Available in-store only.

We have love for our neighbor, Totoro! The Gray 11" Plush ($29.99) would make a perfect gift for any Miyazaki lover! The 8" Blue Hand Puppet ($24.99) is equally cute AND entertaining as a puppet, or even a plush to putt around your room. Available in-store, or by phone/email.

Figuring out last minute gifts for your dudes? Well these Godzilla figurines are the classic gift of love and awesome to give! $5.00 Available in-store only.

We have these adorable Hello Kitty Stacked Rings that'll make any lady swoon! You can try these out before you decide to put a REAL ring on it. ;) $27.00 Available in-store only.

Make sure to stop by our shop before the big day this weekend, that way you are locked and loaded with all of the gifts you need! Give us a call to inquire about any of these items, and we'll be happy to get them to you!

Have a beautiful and cute Valentine's Day!

Love, JapanLA


Dec 20, 2013

Is procrastination getting the best of you this holiday season? Never fear, JapanLA is here! Check out these awesome last minute Christmas gifts that'll make you look like the good guy!

We got these ultra cute Tokidoki tops that'll make you CRAY CRAY! Available S, M, L, XL. Check them out here!

Donutella Donuts Longsleeve. $65

Unicorno Pop Star T-Shirt. $35

Toki Gathering All Over T-Shirt. $35

HOORAY!!! Your favorite cat tights are back in stock! Give them to the sassy lady in your life. Get them before they're gone! $24.

You need huge cute pillows! The ultimate gift of all - comfort! Available in-store only.

Giant Hello Kitty Head Plush. $100

Korilakkuma Body Pillow. Cover is removable to wash! (Available in Rilakkuma and Bunny Korilakkuma) $60

Don't be a downer! The Super Emo Friends are here to celebrate the holidays!…kind of. Framed Prints $30

Feel the holiday spirit with this pretty Hello Kitty plush! Sweet as a red velvet cupcake! Available in-store only. Call to order today!


Hurry before Christmas creeps on us next week! All the cute is waiting for a new home under the tree!


May 27, 2011

Our Hello Kitty Baby line is very popular! We have beanies and a few different plush rattles. Come in and have a look!

Rattle rings are $9.95

Rattle bracelets are $7.95

Plush Hello Kitty rattles come in large $16 and small $9.95. The beanies are $13 and sized 0-6 months.

These items are not available through our webstore so you'll have to come in and see us, or you can give us a call and place an order! (323) 934-5201


Jul 3, 2010

We have been calling these "Mr. Cats", but you can call them whatever you want. "Party Cats!" Shoulder Cats! They are plush cats that fit nicely on your shoulder.

They come in 3 colors: cream, pink, or grey, and are only $8 each.

You can also hang these on anything. Here is a side view.

Here's a pic of my friend, Chrissa, wearing it as part of her outfit. She even made a little bandana for him.

We love these little cats. They measure about 11" wide from tail to nose, and about 7" tall.

XO, Jamie


Apr 30, 2010

We have these cute Hannari Tofu Tissue Box Covers in right now. They come in pink or green, and measure about 11" wide. Hannari is a word used in Osaka, meaning elegant. Now you can impress your friends that you know some Osaka-ben, which is a cool way of talking in Osaka, Japan. These are $31.99 each, and can be found HERE!

Great gift to give to your sick friend, with a box of tissues inside, to cheer them up!

XO, Jamie