Aug 22, 2014

Do you have your Hello Kitty Convention outfits ready? JapanLA Clothing has got you covered! The Hello Kitty Schoolgirl Outfit is perfect for HK Con, Halloween, and everyday! Comes as a set, $90. Made in the USA, by JapanLA Clothing.

The School Girl Set features Hello Kitty on the skirt and collar, with a special Hello Kitty School Emblem.

Hello Kitty Male Fans! We have some awesome tees for you! This is an official "JapanLA for Hello Kitty" collaboration item. Classic Hello Kitty on super soft, black 100% cotton t-shirt, $35. Made in the USA.

Also available in a charcoal grey t-shirt with Monochrome Hello Kitty faces. Your guy will love, $35.

Mark your calendars for a special Meet & Greet with Miss Kika! She will be at JapanLA on August 30th, 1pm-3pm signing and hand-detailing prints! Say Hello, take a photo with her, and buy some prints.

We have just restocked the last of the Miss Kika "Moonlight Legend" Tops! Hurry and grab your size before they sell out again!

The Crowded Teeth Underwater Cosmos Swimsuit is perfect your underwater adventures, $75!

Underwater Cosmos is also available in leggings: $65, and a dress: $75.

So much more cute stuff in the store! Come by this weekend and visit us!


Oct 18, 2013

Happy Weekend! Chrissa Sparkles is taking over the JapanLA Blog! Taking over - meaning that they're all photos of me. They're cute, I swear! We have many of your favorites BACK IN STOCK. We've also got new goodies for you to enjoy!

Check out these ADORABLE Bat Sweatshirts by Hello Cavities, just in time for Halloween! They come in 4 different colors - choose what tickles your fancy! Get one today for $55.00. Also available in Lavender Stockings for $30.00. Perfect for chilly times!

Your favorite Cat Sheer Tights are BACK IN STOCK for $24.00! These Nude and Black Cat Face tights are purrrfect for any occasion! These are the AUTHENTIC tights, so get yours now before we run out again!

Don't forget to order your JapanLA Clothing Bodycons before Halloween! Our Sanrio & San-X dresses are too cute to boot! Available with a FREE PLUSH*! Each dress is $65.00. Shipping takes 2-3 business days, leaving you enough time to receive them for your Halloween festivities! Don't miss out on the Kawaii this year!

*Free gift while supplies last.

Check out my video of the Bodycons in action at the JapanLA Halloween Shopping Party!

Our Tokidoki Donutella Plush Ears are BACK IN STOCK! Love donuts so much that you wish you could wear them? Fret not, Tokidoki has got your back! Get them at $14.95 and look delicious!

Want to be comfy and warm for Halloween this year? Sport a Hello Kitty Kigurumi in super cute styles! Comes in Pink Zebra and Fierce Leopard. These kigus are rare and exclusively from Japan! Get them while you can!

Not feeling Hello Kitty? You can rock this Dinosaur Kigurumi for $59.99! This Kigurumi Costume will make anyone RAWR!

What are you waiting for? Get your cute on today!


Oct 6, 2012

Just in time for Halloween, we have lots of cute hats, headbands, and costumes! These aren't just for Halloween, they are cute enough to wear year round.

New Knit Hats, adult sized. We have Hello Kitty in black or white, Pandapple, and Chococat, $32 each.

Sanrio Character Headbands! Adult Sized. Choose Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty, or Keroppi to wear on your head, $16.00 each, (available in store or phone order)

My Melody and Hello Kitty Fuzzy Headbands, Kids Sized, $12 each, (available in store or phone order)

Hello Kitty's Ears and Bow Headband, Adult Sized, $15. Perfect if you want to be Hello Kitty for Halloween, (available in store or phone order)

Hello Kitty Shiny Bow Headbands. The pink one is for kids, $12. The red one is for adults, $15, (available in store or phone order)

We are stocked on our Chubby Bunny x Hello Kitty Bows, Handmade by Chubby Bunny herself, $30 each, choose red or pink.

We have Hello Kitty Kigurumi's in stock, but they are selling fast. These are shipped from Japan, so we have all of our stock for Halloween now! So, don't wait! We have 4 types of Hello Kitty Kigurums: Hello Kitty Pink Original, Pink Leopard, Regular Leopard, and Hello Kitty Pink Zebra, pictured below, $85 each, one size fits most adults, men and women.

Looking for a couple's costume? We just got this cute Chip 'n Dale costume, $85 each.

Get cuddly with Hello Kitty Adult Footie Pajamas, $28.

Hello Kitty Halloween Tattoos, $3.50 per sheet, (available in store or phone order)

We have a large selection of Kigurumi Costumes and Hats right now, but as Halloween approaches, our costumes sell out very quickly. So, get your costume early, or it will be gone!



Sep 21, 2012

We have lots going on at JapanLA right now! Lots of new items in stock. The official Hello Kitty x KISS collaboration Tees are here! 5 Styles to Choose from!

Grey and Black Raglan Tee, $24.95

Silver KISS, $24

KISS Army, $24

Lick it up, $24.95

KISS Stars Crew, $24

We just got some of our most popular Kigurumi Costumes in. These sell out fast during Halloween, so make sure to order these early before they are gone. We import these from Japan. We have over 20 styles to choose from.

Pikachu: $99, Stitch: $85

Hello Kitty Leopard: $85 (also available in pink leopard), Hello Kitty Pink/White: $85

Hello Kitty Kigurumi Plush Hat, $25, Pikachu Hat, $29.95

Check out more KIGURUMI COSTUMES HERE, starting at only $50! (Kigurumi Costumes are one size. They are meant to wear super baggy, so they fit men and women, of all sizes!)

Check out our featured artists in our gallery: JSalvador, Bored Inc., and Cuddly Rigor Mortis. There are more designs to choose from in-store. Here is a sneak peek!

Art by: Cuddly Rigor Mortis

"Make Like a Banana," 8" x 10" Art Prints, Unframed: $25, Framed: $35

"Skwoil," 8" x 10" Art Prints, Unframed: $25, Framed: $35

Art by: JSalvador, (Super Emo Friends)

"Emo Wougie Wuvs Gamby", 8 1/2" x 11", Framed: $40

"Woeki and Abengers", 8 1/2" x 11", Framed: $40

Art by: Bored Inc.

"Edgar Allen Poo", 8 1/2 " x 11", Unframed: $15, Framed: $20

"Zombie Poo", 5" x 7", Unframed: $6, Framed: $12

We have lots more prints by these 3 artists in the store. We will post a gallery in our Facebook shortly. So, check there to see more art, or come by the store and see it in person. Call us, if you would like to order by phone.


Feb 18, 2012

New Kigurumi Costumes and Hats are here! These are from a new company, Sazac, and feature more detail and a different fleece. Due to this difference they are slightly higher in price than the other brand we had before, but still a deal at $59.95!

The Owl Kigurumi is a fabulously cozy addition to your wardrobe and you can definitely expect many cuddles and hugs when you wear it as a costume.

Whether gliding through tree tops or hanging out on solid ground, this Flying Squirrel Kigurumi is pure win. This costume features a white belly, brown back, cute little ears and WINGS! (Wikipedia calls them patagium, but I say they're wings.)

A little bit Vampire, a whole lotta cute! This stylish Bat features a red bow tie and winged sleeves!

Remoo-ve all inhibitions when you sport this hilarious Cow Kigurumi, complete with a black and white body, two little horns and a tail.

New Penguin Kigurumi! This one is a little different than the one we had before. This one has a dark grey back and sleeves, and a more plushy head/hood. Very cute and warm!

Is a full onesie too much for you? How about an adorable Kigurumi Hat? All hats are adult sized and just $24.95.

We have Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas

and your favorite alien dog, Stitch!

If rainbow bears are more your speed how about Care Bears? We have Share Bear!

Bedtime Bear!

Cheer Bear!

And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Good Luck Bear! We only have a limited amount of these, so hurry before they are gone!


May 18, 2011

Back in Stock! Kigurumi Costumes! Kigurumi is the Japanese name for "costumed animal characters." These are adult sized costumes or pajamas. They fit baggy and comfy, so they are one size, and fit men and women. We have Dinosaur, Cat, Bear, Hamster, Panda, Hot Pink Panda, Giraffe, Dog, Turtle, Frog, Penguin, and Tiger in now! Only $48 each.

Kigurumi Dinosaur Monster Costume‚Ä® $48

Kigurumi Cat Costume $48

Kigurumi Pink Panda Costume‚Ä® $48

To view all the costumes we have in stock CLICK HERE!


Oct 16, 2010

Just in time for Halloween, we just got in Kigurumis from Japan! We have the plush hats and the costumes! Kigurumi is the Japanese name for "costumed animal characters." These are for adults and fit men and women.

Official Pikachu Costume $79.99, Dinosaur $64.99

These costumes are super popular in Japan. Girls wear them on any given day in Japan, not just Halloween. We have the Kuromi and Hello Kitty costumes pictured here, $74.99 each.

My Melody Costume, $74.99

Wolf Costume, $64.99

Panda Costume, $59.99

Hamster Costume, $59.99

New Kigurumi Hats in stock too! Dinosaur Plush Hat, $21.95

My Melody Plush Hat, $21.95

We also have the Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Korillakuma, and Pikachu hats back in stock! Click HERE to see them! These ran out very quickly last time we had them, so don't wait to get these, especially if you want them in time for Halloween!

Here's a pic of how to wear a Kigurumi "Japan Style", you can push the sleeves up and add accessories and Ganguro make-up!

New Hoodies from Japan came in too! In Japan, they say "Free Size," instead of "One-Size-Fits-All." These hoodies are long and loose fitting, so they fit women's sizes Small-Medium-Large!

Cute Rabbits, Hearts, Skulls, Chocolate, and More, All-Over Print Zip-Up Lightweight Hoody, $66

I am obsessed with anything having to do with "Outer Space" right now, so this hoody is my favorite. It has an open hood with a drawstring in the back, and you can use the hood as a scarf too, $66. We also have the "Space" Duffel Bag, $55.95

Reversible Poodle Poncho, $90, this is so cute! Reverse it for a cute red plaid print, has hood too, $90.

Cute Puffy Jacket, with faux fur inside, this one has cats on it, $78

This one has all kinds of cute things on it like cats, hearts, rabbits, apples with teeth, etc, $78

Cute Bear Sweatshirt Dress, super cute, $66

There's more of this new brand, Scolar, from Japan if you click HERE!

One more thing! Cute Comic Book Print Hello Kitty Rolling Luggage from Loungefly, $159.

And the matching Travel Bag that fits perfectly on top of the luggage, over it's retractable handle, $95.

Check out the NEW SECTION on the online shop for more new items we just added this week!

See you this weekend!

XX, Jamie

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