Mar 13, 2009

We just got in some very cute stuff today!

Leopard Hello Kitty Plush in pink or tan leopard with little bows in the leopard print. These come in 7 inch for $14 or 10 inch for $19.50.

Graduation Hello Kitty...We had a few of these last year, and they went really fast. Everyone knows someone who is graduating from something. These are the 6 inch ones, and come in 5 different colors: pink, black, red, blue, and green, $9.95 each.

Finally! A Hello Kitty Iphone Case. It is on the left of this picture. It also comes with a cling-on screen protector, $29.50. This Hello Kitty Face Pillow is a Speaker Pillow. You can plug your ipod into it and listen to music from the cute, $39.50. On the right, is a Hello Kitty Ipod Holder, $9.50.

I Heart Yoshi Tees are Here! They come in women's sizes S-M-L-XL, $24.

New Color Your Own Unicorn Tee. These come with 8 washable markers. You can color your tee and then wash the marker out, and it won't ruin your other clothes if you wash them together, $24.

Here is Lindsay wearing a t-shirt she colored.

The t-shirts are available on our online store. The Hello Kitty items you can only buy in person at JapanLA or by doing a phone order.


See you this weekend!




Jan 16, 2009


So, I know you guys have probably been thinking: "I wonder when JapanLA is getting new stuff in?" Well, we just got in a bunch of stuff from our Japan distributor 2 days ago. Then, today, we got 10 more boxes from our other distributor!!!

First, we have HUGE Gloomy Bear Claws with Carabiners to clip on stuff...and you thought the 9" claws were ridiculously big...these are 19" long x 8" wide.

Here is a pic of me wearing one...ha ha ha! I'm going to use mine as a pillow for the couch though. These come in grey, pink, pink w/no blood, red, and white, $29.95 each.

Hello Kitty Cows!!!! These are pretty big, 13" tall. Rare item from Japan, $35 each.

If you are a Hello Kitty collector, you know how hard it is to find items with Dear Daniel on them. These are cute 7" lamps, and come in red couch or blue couch. These are battery operated, so perfect to have as a backup light if your power goes out or a light beside your bed to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, $28 each.

Red and Black 8" Hello Kitty, 2 kinds, holding apple and apple on overalls. Rare item from Japan, only $10 each.

Giant Hello Kitty Pillow or Cushion. These are great for your bed or couch. They are 18" tall x 17" wide, $30 each.

Remember the Sanrio and San-X Chocolate eggs? Well, now we have the Super Mario Eggs! It is a chocolate egg, that you can eat, with a mystery figure inside, collect 11 different kinds and 1 secret 1, $5 each.

These are really cute Mario Water Games in a DS Lite looking case, only $3 each, great price!

Remember the tofu guys? Well, we have some keychains in now. These are really cute, they come in pink, white, yellow, or green, and yes, you can pick the color, $8 each.

We had these blind boxed Blythe figures a long time ago, we just got some more in, $7 each.

Panda Magnets from Rement, only $5, super weird...great!

Weird Dragon from Dragonball...I love him! only $12, He is really long, 28".

Ok, that is it for now! I have to go unpack those other 10 boxes. So, far, I have opened a few boxes and there are: Gloomy Bear Slippers, Gloomy Bear Plush Hats (restocked), Sugar Bunnies Slippers, Hello Kitty as a Panda (restock), large Tarepanda Plush (restock), Pikmin Plush, Mario Sound Cubes, Goomba, Star (restock), Tarepanda women's tshirts, phonecharms, and more! I will post more pics of the new stuff when I get a chance...but in the meantime, come in to JapanLA this weekend and check out all the new stuff!!!




Oct 22, 2008

We have these really cute Nintendo Charms. They measure about 1/2" - 3/4". They have little hooks on the top and bottom so you can link them together. Most people are using them as phone charms. You can unscrew the bottom hook thing, if you just want one to hang off your phone.

I came into JapanLA yesterday, and Patrice had hooked some together, and made a bracelet. So, that's why I am calling these DIY (do-it-yourself) Nintendo Charms. You can use them to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, phonecharms, keychains, whatever.

Leave us a comment, if you think of another good use for them, they are $3.50 each. I just put them on the online store.




Jul 1, 2008

I know we are long overdue for a new blog, so this one has tons of new stuff in it for you! I have a good excuse though. I was in Japan on the "JapanLA Super Mega Fun Tour." JapanLA and Pop Japan Travel took 28 people to Japan! The Gallery of pictures should be up this week, but in the meantime, I added some pics to the JapanLA Myspace at

We got new Tarepandas in! There are 4 new kinds including Tarepanda Babies, (the babies are the ones with dots for eyes), $28 each

Ragnarok Plushies...these are from an online game called Ragnarok, but we've been calling them Giant Mochi Balls with wings...they measure 9inches tall and 18inches wide, $30 each.

Gloomy Clocks are here! 10inches tall, $28 each.

New Gloomy Plushies, measure 10inches tall standing. They come pink with blood, pink no blood, white with blood, and black with blood, $18 each.

New Hello Kitty Panda Keychains in 8 different colors plus 1 secret color. These come blind boxed, measure 2inches tall, $7 each

Hello Kitty Bananas! We've had these for a bit, but Zury looked so cute holding them, we had to include them in the blog, 3 colors, $30 each.

DJ Hello Kitty can plug your ipod into it and it will play out of the speaker and Hello Kitty bobs here head from side to side. This comes in pink or black, $30 each. This is a rare, hard to find item from Japan.

SANRIO PROMO ITEM!!! This really cute reversible, denim tote bag is only $10.99 if you purchase $30 or more in Sanrio products. This side has hearts, the other side is black denim with Hello Kitty's face inside a heart. Regular price of this bag is $26.00. This is an in-store promo only.

We also have tons of new Sanrio products that we can't sell online, like these Badtz Maru Plushies in black, red, or blue, only $6.50 each. Other stuff we have in are: Keycaps, (Yes! the ones we sold out of, are back in stock...Hello Kitty dressed as different animals), Hello Kitty flashlights, bath sponges, soap dispensers, pens, yo-yos, cake/jello mold, mousepads, compact mirrors, and bling necklaces and lockets are back in too, but they are selling out fast again! You have to come into the store for these items.

And these candy charms, only $2.25 each are in-store only too!

Kyle came in today and we made him model too! We got more Nintendo Foamy Squishy keychains in stock, $5 each.

And these Gundam Robot Fans, in white or clear, $28 each.

Kyle is so gangsta...we just got these L.A. shirts from Upper Playground b/c we love L.A., $24 each.

Ashley came in today too! and took pics with the new little whales we got in. They come in blue, pink, aqua, and grey, measure 6inches tall, $12 each.

Moinko Plushies...I can't figure out what these are, so if anyone knows, let us know...I just love them because they are super cute! they measure 4inches tall, and 8inches wide, and come in 5 colors with different faces, $12 each ok! that's it for now...We are closed on 4th of July, so come to JapanLA now! or this weekend, Sat & Sun! xoxo, Jamie


May 16, 2008

We have tons of cute stuff right now! Check out Steph's new hair color...back to black... Here's a video of one of the new Gloomy Bears we just got in...

Press Gloomy Bear's paw and his arm starts moving and hitting Pity the Boy...$28 each...grey or pink...use 3 AA batteries, not included...

The new big 16 inch plastic Gloomys are in...We just got in the pink one with hot pink eyes and grey with blood...We still have some of the pink with extra blood and black with blood too! These are poseable and can stand or sit down and their arms and legs move, $30 each

Here's a pic of Anthony, from Capsole, an awesome hat and shoe store around the corner from us...He is so amped on gloomy in this pic! Check out their myspace at

These are the new Gloomy Bear keychains...We have the ones of just his head, 2 inches big, and smaller claws 2.5inches long...only $4.50 can be like Steph and put a million on your cellphone...We have white, pink, or grey in the gloomy head...and white, pink, red, or grey in the claws

Here's a closer pic...

This is the new pacman ghost t-shirt for girls...Steph is wearing a medium...they run true to size...$24

We got the Nintendo Sound Plush back in stock...We have turtle shell, star, and Goomba...when you hit them, they make sounds from the Super Mario Video Game, $25 each

Sanrio Surprise Bags worth over $125 each are only $40. These are premade by Sanrio, and are packed with lots of stuff. We opened one, and it had things like purses, notepads, plush, pens, keychains and more! We cannot ship these out. You can only buy them in the store.

We have new Hello Kitty stuff in too...It's kinda hard to see in this picture, but we have a bling Hello Kitty bow, $30, and a cute Hello Kitty Locket necklace, $23...We also got in another bling Hello Kitty necklace, but I couldn't take a good picture of it, so you have to come in to the store to see that one...We also got in other cute Sanrio stuff, like zipper pulls, Gothic Lolita Rabbit Hello Kitty Plush from Japan, wallets, check book covers, spoon/fork set, pencil sharpeners and more! That's it for now! I'm putting this stuff on the online store right now! xoxo, Jamie


May 9, 2008

Come to our party on Wed, May 14th, at Bordello's in Downtown L.A. Love Psychedelico, from Japan, will be performing a live acoustic set and we will be playing their new cd, and Kyle Ng will be djing too! It is free if you rsvp and, there is free Asahi beer from 9pm-10pm. If you check our myspace, (, there is a video of them. They are rad!

We just got in a bunch of cute stuff. First, is the Limited Domokun Flocked Vinyl Figures...they are 8" tall, and come in a box...only 250 were made of the white, (already sold out), 500 fuchsia, 500 royal blue...these are sooo cute...and perfect for your favorite domokun-loving friend...$39.99 each.

Here's Steph holding one of the new Domokuns...and she's wearing the new "Mario riding on Yoshi" t-shirt for girls...they finally started making video game t-shirts for girls...$24.00...she has a new hair color too...redddddd....

We got new curtains for our dressing room...these random anime maid girls...I think they're funny...Here is Steph in the new "Mario in Frog Suit" t-shirt for girls, $24, and she's holding these new Kaniza toys we just got...see next picture to see all of them...

Kaniza Cluster 01 Blind Boxed Toys...they measure 3.75" to 4.25" these are super cute and you can take their heads off and there are more pictures underneath...check the online store for another picture of these, $12 each.

Gold Foil Pacman t-shirt on a black t-shirt...We have this in men's and women's sizes, $24 each...and we still have more gold and silver gloomy bears, $26, these are the 2nd Anniversary Special Edition ones...This looks like one of those papparazzi pictures that they take of celebrities goooood....

Racoon Mario T-Shirt for girls, $24...and new tiredog purse...(he is upside down, because he is supposed to be rolling in the tire...ha ha!), $19.95...Steph looks super emo in this pic...

Post Pets x Touma Plush Collaboration...These are so rad, and hard to find...only $15 each

Elephants are back...this is the last time we are getting them, $25 in store, $28 online, since shipping is more on these bc they are big.

Happy Tofu Pillows...we only got a few in, so we didn't put them online...$25 each, in store only...super cute!

Cat with Fish in his mouth pillow...$18

White Gloomy Bears on Sale Now! Choose gold or silver claws, eyes, and blood, was $32, now only $25...these are big and awesome!

New Hello Kitty Stuff from Japan! Hello Kitty Eating Desserts Bag Charms, 3 inches tall, 3 colors, only $6 each, and comes with ball chain to attach to purse or keychain.

Hello Kitty Geisha Plush, 6.5" tall, 4 colors.

Hello Kitty Onsen Light, $26

We got more of the My Melody Mushroom Plush back in, they're 5.5" tall, choose from 6 different colors, $15 each

Super Mario Keychains, $4 each Come by, there is other stuff too, that you will love! xoxo, Jamie