Aug 10, 2014

Hi Everyone! We have lots of new awesome items in stock at Japan LA right now!

Check out the new Street fighter X Sanrio figurines for $15.99. These are the ones that sold out at last month's Comic Con! Each box comes in a pair. Choose between Chun Li VS. Zangief, Ryu VS. Cammy, or Bison VS. E. Honda.

Not only do we have figurines, but we have the Series 3 Hello Kitty X Street Fighter Plush in stock for $25.99. Choose between Dhalism or Zangief. They both look rad! I love when they mix Hello Kitty with a boy character. Notice she has a beard and chest hair as Zangief, so funny!

This year is Hello Kitty's 40th Anniversary!  To celebrate, there are lots of special collectible items coming out, like these plushies. Each plush has a year and represents how Hello Kitty was drawn during that year. These aren't available online so call or email the store to order or come in to check them out! Hello Kitty Anniversary Season Plushes $19.25 each 

This Giant Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Plush is so adorable! Hello Kitty holding her cute bear with her classic overall outfit. She also has a cute red bow on her tail! She is 20" tall for only $64.00. We only have a few left of these, so call or email us to order one. Also, available in the store.

Relax and get comfy with these super soft and cuddly Sanrio Rolly Polly Plushes with Emoji faces! My Melody and Hello Kitty 10inch plush $16.00, 12inch $24.75.

Pick up theClassic Hello Kitty x Loungefly collection, XL Dome Bag $75, Duffle Bag $66, Wallet $40. Keep it OG!! 

We now carry Gundams! Build a pro Gundam model with one of our kits available in store and online. We have everything from beginner level to Master Grade. Small size $9.95, Medium size $19.95 - $29.95, Large size $30.95 - $109.95

Tara McPherson Prints are now available online and in store. We love these whimsical and mystical prints! $20.00 - $4.00

Camilla d'Errico prints are back in stock! We love her colorful feminine style. Check out our restock of her prints and some new ones we added, $24.00 in store or online.

Keep your days colorful and sparkly with 100% cruelty free and never tested on animals, Sugarpill Make-Up. Pressed shadows $12, Loose eyeshadows $12, Elektrocute Neon Pigments $16, Palettes $34. Available in store and online. 

Make sure to add us on instagram to get the most up-to-date info of products we get in the store and to see what we are up to!

Have a great week!


Jul 23, 2012

Hey every pony! My Little Pony hoodies have arrived at the shop! We've got four different ponies to choose from, blue Rainbow Dash, pink Pinkie Pie, yellow Fluttershy, or white Rarity. $59.99 each

All the hoodies feature fleece manes. Both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have cute wings on the back! Rarity has a unicorn horn! On the back of each is a "cutie mark". The cutie mark also reappears as a zipper pull!

We also got some great new tees in! We re-stocked "I'm So Hood" tee, "Hi, My Name is Rex" tee, "Cool Cat" tank, and "Stomach Ache" tee. New to the shop we have, Calicoder Cat $24

Reptile Football $24

Bacon $24

For men we got in, Three Dino Moon and Ninja Fighting tees! $24 each

All these items are available in our retail and online store. Have a great week everyone!!


May 11, 2012

Have you checked out our Women's and Men's Tees sections lately? We've got some great designs to show you today!

Hello Kitty Sugar Skull Tees are here! White, scoop neck tee $28. We rarely see items with Hello Kitty's sister Mimmy on them!

Sugar Skull Hello Kitty Tank Top, hot pink, $24.

New Crowded Teeth Tees are here! Cute Cats, reading a book under an umbrella, $21.95

Snail with Bearded Guy Playing Banjo Tee, $21.95

Cute Owl on off-white/cream tee, $21.95

For your sloth-loving friends, Hang in There Women's Tee, $24.

This Need More Wolves Tee is available for Men and Women. There's a wolf howling at the moon, with a wolf riding a horse overhead, $24.

For your tentacle-loving friends, this Water You Scared Of? Men's Tee, $24.

Old School Beats Men's Tee, $24

Hamster Head Scan Men's Tee, $24

That's a Terrible Idea Men's Tee, $24. Hey, every idea can't be great.

These tees make perfect gifts for your clever-t-shirt-wearing friends or yourself!


Aug 25, 2010

So much cute stuff is in at JapanLA! The Yummy You knitted food scarves are so cute! These are hand knitted special items, made by Twinkie Chan.

Sushi Knitted Scarf, $64.95

Sushi Fingerless Mittens, $34.95

Cupcake Knitted Scarf, $64.95

Cute Cupcake Knitted Purse, $69.99

Toast Knitted Scarf, $64.95

Bacon & Egg Scarf, $64.95

Cookie Bling Women's Tee, $29.95

Cute Bunny Tank, $40

Punk Rock Deer Tee, $38

Teddy Bear Tee, $38

Emotional Cat Tee, $38

New items are arriving at JapanLA twice a week, so check back on the blog for more frequent updates. We will be adding tons of stuff to our site!

XO, Jamie


Jan 22, 2010

It's been raining like crazy in Los Angeles all week, but tomorrow's weather forecast promises sunny skies! Maybe tomorrow a few of you locals will head out for some fresh air and check out the some of the great new stuff we have been getting in. A lot of old favorites are back, like Pocket Ninja and Mr. Toast plushes or the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book.

We also have some new stuff in. Thankfully, for those of you who can't make it, we're adding them all to our online store! And keep checking, because more will be added after the weekend too. Now on to the goods....

Moyashimon Bedroom Slippers! Moyashimon:Tales of Agriculture is a manga about a young man with the ability to speak to micro-organisms and bacteria. (clicky for wiki) These are two of the micro-organisms for you to scoot around your bedroom in. $30.00 a pair. These are great to keep your footsies warm in the cold.

Little Miss Cupcake blindboxed figure toys. One of six different designs in each box. $12 each.

Son of Mustachio 16" plush. A jumbo mustache who has his own mustache! $16 each. Of course, let us not forget his little 6" friend, Pocket Stache.

ps: We're With CoCo!


Feb 5, 2009


We just got the wooden Pecan Pal toys from Noferin! They just released their wooden toys on their website last Dec, but they sold out instantly and I thought I missed them, but they set some aside for some stores to sell. These are limited edition. They only made 200 of each character. They are made of 100% wood. They are handmade and measure 4.5 - 6.5 inches tall, and come in a very nice large 10.5" box with accessories, $45 each.

This is Fanelli. Fanelli is an innovative and extremely clever lady; able to find the solution to almost any problem, no matter how big or small it is. With twin boys under her care, Fanelli’s oversized rattle acts as an extension of her emotions. A playful nature and thirst for adventure ensures that no two days are alike.

This is Claudius. Claudius is incredibly strong, with arms thicker than most tree trunks. Satisfied with the simple things in life, Claudius never asks for much. He is a kind-hearted old soul who enjoys counting ducks, swimming on the lake and spending warm summer afternoons stretched out on the grass practicing how to sleep.

This is Pecan. Pecan is the oldest and wisest of the Pecanpals. He is a master storyteller, often spending entire afternoons sitting under a tall palm tree, reading. He insists that all the knowledge you ever need to know is found in stories. Pecan likes to be aware of things that are happening on the island, making sure to visit each and every person on his daily rounds.

This is Jac Jac. “Facts are what is needed. Cold hard facts!” Nothing describes Jac Jac better. It is what he lives by. Jac Jac enjoys reading, but he has no time for stories. He reads from complicated books larger than his head and prides himself with his ability to recite the periodic table backwards.

This is Pandacake. Pandacake is a photographer and an expert one at that! Dedicated to her art, Pandacake enjoys diving to the core of her subject matter and exploring the most intricate of details. She loves taking part in an event, but finds the ruckus a bit much to handle at times. She enjoys collecting flowers and wishes to someday fly with the dragonflies.

These are so cute! We only have a small amount so don't miss out on them.




Jan 18, 2009

Hi everyone! I really wanted to be able to share with you one of our new items that I'm totally excited about! For the first time ever, JapanLA brings you Kapibarasan!!! What is Kapibara-san, you ask? Well, Kapibara is a character sold in Japan, made by banpresto. He is a Capybara, which is the largest rodent in the world. They are generally found in the swampy areas of South America, and look like giant guinea pigs. Some Capybara get as big as dogs!

(Capybara Sighting in Texas)

You can read more about them on Wiki. I'm excited because it's super hard to find this guy in the states. Now on to the kapibara stuff!

This is the coolest thing ever! The Kapibarasan bath light, for only $9. It takes these tiny little watch batteries and lights from within. He's 5" long. He can be placed in the water with you in the bathtub!! We really only have a couple of these left at this point, so get it quick!


Another steal, the Kapibarasan phone charms for only $3! There are ten different ones in the blindboxed set. They are all really cute in my opinion. Each box also comes with some yummy butter cookies too!