May 2, 2015

Happy Weekend, Cuties!

It's starting to feel like summer here at JapanLA, and we've got a bunch of cute items for you to enjoy!

Nothing feels as refreshing as strawberries on a warm summer day, so why not enjoy these cute Strawberry ALPACASSO! They come in multiple colors and outfits in two different sizes. These are the official Amuse brand, imported from Japan. The Small Alpacasso Strawberry Plushes ($12.99) are perfect to attach to your keys or your purse! If those aren't big enough for you, the Large Strawberry Alpacassos ($32.00) make cute picnic friends! Available only in-store, call or e-mail to place your order today!

Not only are the Strawberry Alpacassos a cute addition to your picnic, but these My Melody lunch utensils make the best companions for the best meal ever! All items shown are available in-store only, call or e-mail to place your order today!

Not only is My Melody pretty, but she can make you PRETTY cute! Portable brushes, Q-Tip container, Lip Balm Holder, Eyelash curlers, every girl's needs in the cutest form!

We've got some equally adorable lunch gear by The Little Twin Stars with bento boxes, eating utensils, bowls, and chopsticks that would make your heart blush with cuteness! All items shown are available in-store only, call or e-mail to place your order today!

We got new Little Twin Stars stationary that would be perfect for your pen pals! Writing a letter to your friends is fun, so why not use these cute sets? To keep your math in check, this calculator makes numbers for fun!All of the My Melody and Little Twin Stars items shown, are Sanrio Original items, which mean they are made for stores in Japan, making them extra special and hard-to-find.

Our favorite bear Rilakkuma and Friends from San-X always comes to play in the cutest of ways. All items shown are available in-store only, call or e-mail to place your order today!

Take a walk on the cute side with these Korilakkuma and Kiirotori plush slippers!

Do you love Rilakkuma so much that you want to be just like him? This cute headband with plush ears and Korilakkuma ears can make all of your bear dreams come true!

Rilakkuma does a great job of making your house look more fun! Toothbrush kits, Glasses cases, Wallets, and cute galore!

Check out San-X's NEWEST characters Sumikko Gurashi! They are shy and like to hide in corners! These little plushies are perfect to keep around your desk or room to keep you company while you work. You can work on cute stationary and even eat out of this stackable bento box to keep your food stored with friends.

We've got so many more products that are waiting for you to purchase! Come into JapanLA this weekend to check out everything we have!


Apr 3, 2015

Ain't no party like an ALPACASSO PARTY! Alpacassos have invaded JapanLA just in time for Easter! All Alpacassos available online and in-store. Stop by this weekend or give us a call to place your order!

These 7" Rainbow Alpacasso Plushies are PERFECT for Easter! $15.99

There is a Various amount of Alpacassos that may tickle your fancy!

These 5" Plushes range from Fancy Neck Strap Alpacassos, Small Jewel Alpacassos, Bride & Groom Alpacassos, just about anything for every occassion! $12.99

...even these little Ranch Kids Alpacassos!

These Alpacasso Plush Cellphone Cleaner are equally cute and functional! Their bottoms make perfect cleaners for a clear screen. $5.99

Just want a cute Alpacasso on your phone, keys, or backpack? These Tiny Alpacasso Ribbon Plushies are perfect to attach anywhere! $5.99

Wanna hit the Alpacasso JACKPOT? These LARGE Alpacasso Plushes are only available in-store. Stop by this weekend to find your cuddle buddy in time for Easter! $32 with Ribbons and $35 with Hats Crowns.

Don't forget! We have the OMOCAT Pop-Up Shop at JapanLA running until April 26th. Shop OMOCAT Tees, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Prints, the list goes on! Come check it out before it leaves!

Did you catch JapanLA on A&E's "Storage Wars" this week? Ivy visits Chrissa Sparkles at JapanLA to get a second opinion on super rare Hello Kitty Items!

Hope to see you all this weekend to stock up on Easter goodies! Have a Happy Easter!


Mar 20, 2015

Happy Friday! We've got a bunch of cute and useful goodies for you to enjoy!

Say "Hello" to your new Foodie Friends...literally! These large food cushions are so cute and scrumptious, don't you want to eat them all up? They'd be perfect for your couch, your bed, your car...anywhere you want! Burger $38.99, Bread Loaf $35, Carrot $30, Donut $32. These items available in-store only, call to make your order today!

We also have these cuties as keychains and phone charms to show the world how much you love your food! All keychains are $8.99 and phone charms are $6.99. These items available in-store or call or email us to order today!

Music festival season is coming up, and you need a cute backpack to store your life for the weekend. Fret not, Loungefly has got you covered! From Hello Kitty to Star Wars, we have something for everyone! All backpacks and purses available online and in-store.

These Sanrio backpacks come in three different prints - Pink Floral Hello Kitty, Sanrio Friends, and Tie-Dye Hello Kitty! $45 each.

Whose 40th Birthday is it this year? Little Twin Stars and My Melody, of course! They're ready to have a birthday party on your back! These cute backpacks are too cute and colorful to resist, with a matching pouch sold separately to make storage extra fun! Backpacks $45, Pouches $8.99.

All the My Little Pony lovers out there, we couldn't forget about you! These adorable backpacks come in two designs - Magical Blue Sparkle and Retro Pastels to fill your world with more magic! Matching pouches also sold separately to match your backpack. Backpacks $45, Pouches $8.99.

May the force be with you, because you will go nuts over these Star Wars backpacks! They come in three different prints - Comic All-Over Print, C-3PO and R2D2, and Stormtroopers! Matching Pouches available for Comic Print and Stormtroopers. Backpacks $45, Pouches $8.99.

Can we talk about these purses? Carry Darth Vader with you everywhere you go with this 3D Hard Vinyl, Cross-body Purse ($52.99). We also have this Boba Fett Dome Purse ($65.99) that is perfect for every occasion!

We HAD to save the best for last...CATS! We present to you, Tuchineko! These cuties like to lay around on their own or with friends. All plushes available in-store only. Call or email to place your order today! The Tuchineko Pouches are the cutest way to store your stuff in the disguise of cute cats. $20

Is the small pouch too little for your liking? Take these LARGE Tuchineko plushes! Such a cute plush perfect for hugging and laying around in your room. $35, Available in-store only.

Make sure to stop by our store this weekend to check out these goodies and more! Have a cute weekend!

xo JapanLA


Mar 3, 2015

Happy Wednesday Cuties!

HLZBLZ x Hello Kitty just dropped here at JapanLA! Look hard with a cute edge wearing this collection! All items available online and in-store.

Throw it back to the 90's with the All-Over Print Crop Tank, ($38)

...and layer it with the Rad Girls Club Jacket ($150) to be the leader of your cute gang. Cute patches and embroidery detail make this jacket extra special.

This Yin Yang Crop Tee ($34) can be perfectly paired with the "I Heart" Leggings ($38)

Pop on the Icon Crop Hoodie for ultra cozy cool warmth, ($58).

Did you miss the Hello Kitty Convention? We picked up a couple HK Con Exclusives from Mighty Fine, like This 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty Crop Denim Jacket, ($75). It's PERFECT for every fan!

This Hello Kitty SK8ER Dress ($54.99) is so adorable! Transform into the cutie herself with this ultra cute dress, featuring a hood with kitty ears and bow, and giant bow on the back!

Do you know who is equally as cute? tokidoki's Unicorno! This Unicorno Space Hoodie ($59.99) is out of this world! Even has a cute space kitty flying on your back and the hood is lined with a cute Adios Star print.

When we think space, we think STAR WARS! The Star Wars Cinema Dress ($39.99) comes in the cutest cut and large print on the bottom. A must-have for every Star Wars fan!

Make your camera accessories even cuter with these Sanrio Camera Straps ($32.99), imported from Japan. One can never go wrong with Hello Kitty and the Little Twin Stars!

Ever use your phone so much that you need to constantly power up? The Hello Kitty Power Charger, ($79.99) may be the answer to your prayers! It's a cute external battery!

No need to plug your electronics into a plain wall charger. Hello Kitty can make it cuter with this Hello Kitty Die Cut Wall Charger, ($25.99). You just plug your USB cord into it!

We've got all of these items available in-store and online, so make sure to stop by our shop this weekend to restock on cute things for your life!

xo JapanLA


Feb 26, 2015

Happy Thursday! Due to popular demand, we finally have character phone cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. We had these air shipped from Japan to get them to you as fast as possible. The cases are all great quality and official cases from Sanrio & San-X. We have them available online and in-store right now.

Meet Sanrio’s newest and most complacent friend, Gudetama! Don’t feel so bad when life gets you down, because it ain’t as bad as his. Gudetama has no desire to do anything, for he will be eaten. Check out these cute, lazy egg, iPhone 6 cases, imported from Japan, just for you! $27.99

…he looks even cuter laying down on a bed of rice! $36.99

Another new member of Sanrio’s family is Kirimi-chan, the ultimate pop star in the world of sliced meat and fish. She is a Salmon Fillet with arms and legs who loves to be eaten! These iPhone 6 Cases are too cute to boot for all of the Salmon lovers! $27.99

Although there are new members to the family, Hello Kitty remains the most famous. These Leather iPhone 6 cases come with a strap that you can wear as a shoulder bag or around your neck. $39.99

We also have soft cases for the iPhone 6 in fun styles for everybody. $30.99-$31.99

The Little Twin Stars are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year! Celebrate with these iPhone 6 cases that come in multiple designs, $27.99

Not only are the Little Twin Stars celebrating their birthday, but My Melody is too! We have a range of styles to choose from with regular Soft cases and Die Cut cases with a 3D bow, $27.99-$39.99

Show your love for Japan’s favorite bear, Rilakkuma! We have all kinds of cases for ya’ - from rounded soft cases to Silicone 3D cases that will have you falling in love with this bear all over again! $27.99

…and we couldn’t leave out the iPhone 6 PLUS! We have an array of Sanrio Characters

and our cute San-X bears that we know you love!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and dress up your phone with these cute cases! Check out these items and more online or stop by the shop this weekend to check them out in person!


Feb 10, 2015

Hey lovebirds! Did you know that Valentine's Day is just a few days away? If you are running out of time for potential gifts, you can always win over a girl's heart with some plush!

Surprise your loved one with this 24" Pink Hello Kitty Heart Plush! We can guarantee tears of joy and cuteness when they get it! $95.00 - Available in-store, or call/email today, to order!

One can never go wrong with pink! This Hello Kitty x tokidoki Heart Leopard Plush is too cute to handle! $25.00 Available in-store only.

Are you going on a hot sushi date for Valentine's? Surprise your bae with this ultra comfy Kirimi-chan Plush! She is the sweetest salmon fillet determined to be your mealtime companion! So why not take your food date home with you? $48.00 Available in-store, or by phone/email.

Do you love Snoopy as much as the rest of America? Well, he has a cute sister too! Introducing - Belle! These cuties are laying down, making the perfect set or individual gifts to someone you love and care about! $26.00 Available in-store only.

We have love for our neighbor, Totoro! The Gray 11" Plush ($29.99) would make a perfect gift for any Miyazaki lover! The 8" Blue Hand Puppet ($24.99) is equally cute AND entertaining as a puppet, or even a plush to putt around your room. Available in-store, or by phone/email.

Figuring out last minute gifts for your dudes? Well these Godzilla figurines are the classic gift of love and awesome to give! $5.00 Available in-store only.

We have these adorable Hello Kitty Stacked Rings that'll make any lady swoon! You can try these out before you decide to put a REAL ring on it. ;) $27.00 Available in-store only.

Make sure to stop by our shop before the big day this weekend, that way you are locked and loaded with all of the gifts you need! Give us a call to inquire about any of these items, and we'll be happy to get them to you!

Have a beautiful and cute Valentine's Day!

Love, JapanLA


Feb 4, 2015

Happy February everybody! It is the month of glittery hearts and love around the world, what are you doing to celebrate the people you love? JapanLA is here to give you some great gift ideas for your sweets, just before the big day next week!

Need some gifts for that special lady in your life? Somebody else, or even you!? Then you can't go wrong with Hello Kitty! These Loungefly pieces are so classy and perfect for the holiday! All Loungefly items available online and in-store. This Loungefly Hello Kitty Black/Cream Purse has a matching wallet that is too cute to boot. Purse $71 and Wallet $38.99.

Stick to Classic Hello Kitty with this adorable White Hello Kitty Quilted Bag with her cute face on it! How can you not smile when you see this cutie? $70.

Go back to the basics with this All Black Hello Kitty & Floral Embossed Satchel. This can be your handbag, or made into a nice sling purse with a strap. Its subtle yet pretty design would make any girl fall in love! $69.99

Want something even cuter for this Valentine's Day? How about our adorable My Melody Collection! Did you know that it's her 40th Birthday and she looks cute as ever? These pastel pinks are perfect for all month long festivities!

Pictured: Plush Purse - $29.50, Plush Purse Phone Case $18, Round Purse $25, and Pencil Case $19. All items imported from Japan and available in-store only. Make sure to call and place your order today!

The guys need some love too! We have these cute-tastic prints by Cuddly Rigor Mortis, that make wonderful gifts to both guys and gals alike. All available online and in-store. Who doesn't love Star Wars? This "Kaapauku Life Day Portrait" Print of the Chewbacca Family is too fun to resist! $30.

Pizza is everybody's secret lover, whether we choose to admit it or not. This "King Pepi" will put a smile on everybody's face! $35.

Last, but not least - every guy & gal has a heart to give on Valentine's Day! ...literally! This I Heart Guts Heart Plush will get your heart racin' with a giggle! $18. Available online & in-store.

Make time this weekend to stop by our store for cute gift ideas!